Bluetooth? (M2P RC)

I fly an m2p using an iPad, just recently it is asking to connect with bluetooth, any idea why or whether it’s advisable?

If you have a cable I would always use that as No 1 option far more reliable

Thanks, yes I’ve always used a cable connection, but it’s still asking to use Bluetooth, guess I’ll just ignore it.

Bluetooth just doesn’t have the bandwidth to feed your device with the video feed.

I was unaware there was any Bluetooth functionality on the M2P RC. What does anyone use it for?

Same. Pretty sure there’s none and don’t see it mentioned in the manual.

Would it be something in the Go 4 app and nothing to do with the controller? Any of the other drones that use the same app use BT to connect maybe?

If it’s “trying to connect” … there must be two Bluetooth devices. The phone is obviously one. The other?

You can blame iOS13 for that one :man_facepalming:


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Thanks @PingSpike it all seems to have happened since recent updates so that would explain a lot of things. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Had my phone with me but never had a conflict before. Seems like it’s down to recent updates.

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Most things Apple have gone to shit since iOS13 was released :frowning_face:

(and this is coming from the biggest Apple fanboi you’ll ever meet with more Apple devices in the house than you can shake a stick at)


Same here, I ought to paid by Apple the amount of praises I sing to everyone!

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:smiley: never had one never will!

I took it to be “wants to use” :slight_smile:


iPhones = :man_shrugging:

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