Booth Wood Reservoir, Ripponden, West Yorkshire

Booth Wood Reservoir, Ripponden, West Yorkshire

It’s been forever since I posted any pics!

Been wanting to fly here for about a year now, went past on the way to work yesterday and the weather conditions were perfect. At an altitude of about 1,800ft above sea level, the wind was surprisingly calm yesterday.

I flew out past the dam wall and did a sideways fly past. Didn’t press record. Didn’t realise until I copied the footage off today :sob:

First time I’ve ever done that. Last time too!

@sparkman999 and @mickydd were up this way back in Feb.

The top car park at the Turnpike Inn would be an ideal meeting place :+1:


It had been noted … :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummm - don’t think so, Rich!

I’ve walked most of the Pennine Way, and highest point in West Yorks is Black Hill, in the Peak District, at 1,900 ft

Checking Google Maps in Terrain mode, there’s a 280m contour above the reservoir, so I think you’ll find it’s closer to 850 ft asl. :wink:

You obviously need more a lot photo posting practice …. LOL!

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LOL!! Sodding internet! That’ll explain why it was no where near as windy as I was expecting it to be :rofl:

Um, yes, clearly :blush:


Beautiful pics, tho! :+1:

Cheers Dave.

The video would have been even better :roll_eyes: :blush: :rofl:

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A good excuse to back, tho! :wink:

Looks cracking weather. Am over in Spain for a month. Trying to take off and hide from the local Policia. We have permission to use the top car park. We just have to drop them an email in advance. Nice spot for a snack. Especially when @sparkman999 is picking up the tab!!!

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I am NOT at them prices I will take butties next time

oh and are you out of the country for tax reasons like say Mick Jagger


I used to live near here, over the valley is Baitings Reservoir, you can walk across that one. Nearby too is Ringstone Reservoir also, nothing like the size of BW though. Great pics chap.

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Was at Baitings not that long ago.
Lovely place to fly, watch out for the pylons though!!!
Does this bring back memories Geoff @ScottishYorkshireMan


Aye, indeed chap. it does. Used to live down the down there in Greetland, Ripponden Bank used to be a tough one riding home on our bikes as kids.

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Wanted to get some video up here for ages. Finally got the chance today!! I lost a drone in a lake about 6 years ago, still haven’t got over it, hence no over water shots…


Which we really must organise…

I’m sure we could get the top car park reserved for our own use (take off and landing) and we could also get the function room free for the day too, if we tell the guy we’ll need X amount of hot meals during the day.

Which also then gives us access to plug sockets to keep drones charing all day, and access to toilets for the day too :rofl:

It’s also ideally central on the M62 for both NE and NW members to attend.


Theres a place for that

Count me in ;o)

Fire hazard? :laughing:

Last time I drove past the Turnpike Inn was closed (this was before Covid) and the car park blocked off. Anyone know different?


Yes still closed, was flying there last week.
As you say, was closed pre Covid, so not sure what is happening.