Ok first northwest meet up maybe

ok so the 1st meet up went ahead thanks Mike
we went to the highwayman Dick Turpin’s place…
ok it was the turnpike inn near sowerby bridge Yorkshire had my passport stamped too
and there we go my first flight woop thanks Mike (the good lucking one on the left) for your help


Sorry to burst your bubble gents re your maybe first NW meet-up, but @PingSpike (Wigan) and I (Bolton) got together for the forum’s first meet before Xmas :wink::wink:.

Glad you had a good time together - that’s the beauty of a Brits only forum.

so a pie eater and a cow yed is a meet up…
i think not its just and inbread meeting
squeal like a pig or give me six …
now that lank banter


Ah but on the positive side, the Howfener supplies the beef and the Pie Eater turns it into a delicious, succulent pie - yumee :yum::yum:

That’s it, I’m now convinced that anywhere north of Watford is another land with it’s own language and customs! None of my translation apps can help me understand this. :exploding_head:

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Me too did I write that drivel

Nice one guys!

Are you stood in the car park of the pub there?

Did you fly down the dam wall?? And was the res overflowing?

Yes, res was overflowing, but not much.
We flew out over res to take some shots of The Turnpike, @sparkman999 worked his magic and e-mailed them as a thank you to the pub.
We used top car park, no issue using it as long as no weddings on, plenty of space for cars and take off/landing area. Easy to cordon off etc.
We got contact details in case we want to arrange a future meet up there.
Just bring your passports and some beer tokens with you…
You will receive a warm welcome to God’s Own Country.

God’s Own Country, is a phrase meaning an area or region supposedly favoured by God, that was first used to describe Yorkshire and has subsequently been used to refer to nowhere else .
(Slightly edited version)


It’s not that far north, you’re still in England :rofl:

Or is this another northern term meaning something completely different?? :smiley:

Oh Rich, @PingSpike, you may live up here but you’ve clearly still have some Southern still in you :grinning::grinning:

Apparently so!

I left London 18 years ago and I’ve been a pie eater ever since!

The whole passports thing is one I’ve not yet come across though, I might have to google this one :rofl: