Boris Johnson in a Big Metal Bucket

Yeah really Boris Johnson is the name of my border terrier. We visited this Site at Stobswood village in Northumberland today for my second possible subject for the Heavy Metal RTF challenge. This 100 ton capacity dragline bucket belonged to a massive 4000 ton walking dragline “ The Ace of Spades “ which operated at the open cast site here.
The machine was the undisputed king of the open cast coal mining industry in Europe, the only other UK rival was the 3000 ton “ Big Geordie”that also worked in the north east.
Working from 1992 until retirement in 2002 it is estimated The Ace of Spades shifted in excess of 300 million tonnes of material.
Sadly when we arrived it was far too windy to fly today so a mobile photo is all I could get today.


If you’re daft like @clinkadink you’d takeoff upwind of the target, photo/video it as you sail past, then land downwind of it - then walk to retrieve what remains of your drone :wink:

I was with you until the ‘remains’ bit :man_facepalming:

Jokes aside, atti mode makes some great footage, in fact a lot of photographers prefer atti mode, as there is no gps positioning randomly kicking in … allowing cinematic parallaxes very easily. The drone just naturally drifts past the target.

I think my Air 2 has been updated beyond where I can apply any hack to use Atti mode.

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