Bosham Harbour pano

The title says it all! Taken last Friday - 11 Feb - just before sunset. It’s taken me until now to work out how to do it! Still haven’t worked out how to stick 26DNG photos into a pano. This is done from the jpeg produced by the drone (M2P). Hopefully, one of you clever peoples will tell me how to stitch the DNGs.
Unfortunately, someone had pulled the plug out so there was no water in the harbour. High tide, sunset and light winds never seem to go together. But one day…


I’ve popped the embedded code on for you to give a nice preview window.


Take a look here :+1:

Cheers Steve, that’s all now safely stored on my computer and I will follow the instructions next time I take a Pano.
Watch this space…

Great 360 Pano Paul :ok_hand:t2: Ive just popped it into the Pano section for you :+1:t2:

That’s really good, and much more interesting/photogenic without the water :slight_smile:

Only one thing I’d suggest - try exposing for the brightest part and hope you can recover the shadows in post. That seems to work quite well for me (using the DNGs of course).

Clinkadink’s guide is invaluable - that’s how I learnt how to do it. He mentions Autogiga Pano, but that’s no longer officially available so do a search or ask me privately.

I’ve found & downloaded AGP, all I need now is the weather to improve so that I can get the drone up to take another pano and then give it a go. Being a bit impulsive I deleted the ones of the harbour and then emptied the bin. Stupid Boy! :frowning::confounded:

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Glad you found AGP :slight_smile:

Bad news on the hasty delete! Done that myself - and that’s probably why I bought this:

You get 2GB of free recoveries so that should cover you for quite a lot more hasty deletes of DNGs :joy:

I actually bought this a couple of years ago (can’t quite remember why) but I paid quite a bit less than they’re charging now. I think they change their prices in both directions quite often (shady business practice). I was amazed how much is recoverable.

Really nice view. The tide being out adds considerable interest.

I hope people remembered to move their cars when the tide came in - several cars a year usually end up flooded there :slight_smile:

That seems to be the general consensus. Perhaps it’s just me, as a former naval officer, but I have an aversion to mud, I prefer lots of water!

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And believe it or not, it’s usually locals!!!

Suddenly realised this morning that I have a backup hard drive and so I was able to recover my photos from there. In fact I can go back a couple of years, if necessary. Thanks for your help anyway.

I’ve used APG, following the very detailed instructions above, and it works! Absolutely delighted. Only problem is with it being the trial version Auto Pano Giga appears all over the photograph. Might have to bite the bullet and buy it, if that is still possible.

I’ve used it and it’s great. Only problem, it’s the trial version which has Auto Pano Giga all over the finished article. Tried to buy it but it’s no longer available. Any help would be gratefully received.

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DM’d :+1:

Looking at the tide tables for Chichester, you get high water in the early morning and early evening at/near neap tides, very roughly at 6am and 6pm. These occur every two weeks exactly (next one is 26th Feb) when HW is at 2005UTC. Sunset is at 1735 that day so still too dark but by high water neaps on 26th March at 1820, sunset is the same time so perfect for your shot. Tide times move forward very approx one hour a day.

Tide tables and sunrise/sunset tables can easily be found online and you can either use Chichester harbour times or perhaps a Bosham sailing club publishes 2022 tables on their website.

This sort of photography is very useful for sailors who want to creek crawl since it shows an up to date layout of the sea bed as sand & mud is shifting all the time so published charts are not reliable at all in this respect.

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Thanks, I’ve got all that with TPE & tide times. So I always know when the right time is, it’s just getting the right weather to coincide. Sadly, that’s a bit above my pay grade!

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One tip which may be useful if you are looking for somehwere to host and share panos. Kuula is great but the free version has a max image width of 16384 pixels and you can’t create hotspots or link panos in a virtual tour. I have tried lots of alternatives and preferred Klapty, until they withdrew their free starter option at the start of the year.

Now I am using Panoee which is free and amazing - virtual tours, floor plans/maps, higher resolution, file size up to 500MB, lots of customisation options, fast…

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Thanks @Dormouse. I’ll have a shufti on Friday when I next use my computer. Does it work for Mac?

Yes it’s browser based.