Bosherston Lilly Ponds Pembrokeshire

If I get the horizon straight in Lightroom then the Castle would look as if it were leaning?


Some lens correction maybe would help…?

However, it’s more likely the angle of the drone causing the effect.

Yes could be that thanks

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Single image or several images stitched into a panorama?

Three images merged

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Thought perhaps it was. Stitched on the M2P or one the computer at home?

In Lightroom

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There are several types of image stitch … I’m not familiar with what Lightroom offers, Photoshop has several, so I’d assume similar.
Some will distort those kinds of perspective lines more than others.
A different stitch format might reduce the “tilt” … otherwise it’s photoshopping to correct using the Perspective Transform.

Many thanks for your imput