Brand New Mavic Fly More Bundle

Got it as a spare but no longer needed as i got a P4P

Open to sensible offers

Never been flown or registered

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I’m on my 3rd Mavic this year alone, hopefully I won’t need a 4th :rofl:

But for the curious, do you have any ballpark figures in mind?

(as flymore combos are only £1099 in Argos these days)

wow thats crazy did they fly away or did they crash?

When i got it from argos it was around £1300 and since black Friday they have gone down in price
i could take it back to them but would be stuck with a gift card.

id like to get £1250 or around that
as im including a brand new battery so you would have 4 in total
the proper cages so its safe to fly inside with any issues.
and the legs if anyone wants them.

what happened to you other Mavics?

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First one suffered the dreaded “10008 black frames” issue. I put up with it for nearly three months but it finally drove me insane. Shame too, flew rock solid that one.

The replacement was an absolute dog! Didn’t fly straight (crabbed a lot), non stop compass issues, crooked horizon regardless of settings, camera drift, the works. I just couldn’t trust it. I’m convinced it was a shoddy refurb.

So returned that for another replacement after just a couple of weeks, which I’ve since rolled back to .700 with a few parameters mods. And this is where I’ll be staying :+1:

ah thats sucks that why i get some stuff from argos as they replace it for a brand new

luckily never had to send anything back to dji yet haha

touch wood.

Hi, has this sold?

What comes with it exactly?

Cheers in advance.

Hey Frenco yea its still available

Fly More Bundle Includes:

  • Mavic Pro
  • (3 Total) Intelligent Flight Battery
  • (2 Extra) Quick-release Folding Propellers
  • 4 Port Battery Charging Hub
  • Car Charger
  • Battery to Power Bank Adaptor
  • Mavic Shoulder Bag
  • New Retail Battery (Brings Total To 4)
  • Propeller Cage
  • Orange Legs
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