Brand newbe - East Neuk of Fife - seeking advice and inspiration

Thank you for letting me join the Group.
I am a total novice awaiting the arrival of my first ever drone, an SG906 PRO2. (starting at lower price bracket)
I have started browsing some of your feeds and watching many of the videos members have created seeking inspiration and advice.
I hope I will be able to contribute some of my own when I gain experience and confidence to do so in the coming months.
I am based in the East Neuk of Fife and I should have plenty of opportunity to find many photogenic subjects.
Any advice on the basics of drone flying, drone photography and useful tips regarding the SG906 PRO2 will be gratefully received.
Again my thanks.


Hi Robert and welcome to GADC. You’ll find lots of great info and advice here. You are in a great part of the country, can’t wait till I can travel over to Fife again myself.


I too just joined the forum as a newbie and I’m probably a couple of miles away from you. Post Covid coffee to share hints & tips perhaps?

Mark :nerd_face:

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Thank you for the welcome.
Dipping my toe into drone photography (when my drone eventually arrives). I love photography but I’m an out and out amateur with very poor compositional sense.
I’m hoping using a drone will give me a new slant to photography and in addition a new hobby in drone flying.
I’m fortunate in having a lot of clear space around where I live so I should be able to fly without too many restrictions.
I hope, with experience, to be able to eventually contribute to Club topics in the future.
Watch this space.

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Couple of things…

Add yourselves to the members map…

And have a look at Drone Scene



Hi Robert and welcome to GADC.

Thank you for the kind welcome.

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