Breaches of the Drone code

Am I the only one getting more and more concerned over the amount of blatant breaches of the drone code being posted on social media. Putting the “hobby” in danger of more vilification, and possibility of more legislation.
I don’t want to come across as the drone police but it’s getting harder and harder to keep my mouth shut. :angry:


This is what I was going on about in my post about distance and structures.


Ahh ok

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Which are the main breaches that you are seeing?

Flying in central Manchester for one. Flying over busy roads, ie interesting junctions. I would do screen shots but face ache has a habit of making posts hard to find 2 seconds after you scroll past.
Just a note, most of these seem to be new mavic mini owners.

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I wasn’t having a go at all mavic mini owners, it just seems that the majority of culprits are MM owners just getting into the hobby.


For reference:


This would be the worrying bit for me if it’s Members on here not just some ignorant Facebook MM owner ‘Just saying’ as the expression goes

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Whilst I absolutely agree that it is of some concern. Dont we all sail (fly) close (if not beyond) to the wind at times to get THAT photo?. Perhaps the photo we dont share online?

THAT situation where there is no1 about (youve struck gold!), you’re not invading the privacy of anyone, nor are you causing bother to a thing. Youre alone and wanting to get that photo, perhaps for your own personal collection. You’ve got the perfect tool sitting (hopefully) no higher than 400ft up waiting for instruction.

No?..noone??? …me neither then…


I do think that some ignorant MM users have this idea that MM’s because of their weight can bypass every drone law not just the registration process.

it perplexed me the number the folk that commented on various YT vids re the MM who really didnt have a clue. Worrying, to say the least.


There are many “very dodgy” YouTube videos out there! How’s they get away with it is beyond me.
Titles labeled: distance test & flying above fog (although looks amazing) so many of these on there and to think there posted with their name beside it. :man_shrugging:t3: Why would you.


When I first picked up my M2P in Oct 2018…I watched so many distance test flights and the odd stupid height test vids too.

Its ruddy daft. I wouldnt want to send my £1000+ gear over 5miles away thats for sure…let alone face the potential drama that could unfold should it fall out of the sky that far away. :roll_eyes: :-1:


I’m pretty new to the droning world and have ever really only know the “drone code” way. Were there no rules before the code? Maybe that aloud people to do such ridiculous things. :man_shrugging:t3: I’m curious… never really checked the date stamps on the videos I’ve watched . :thinking:


I’d have no problem with you doing that Let common Sense prevail!

If it’s a brick tower that’s not going to fall down (& there’s absolutely no one about )if you bumped into it then…?

If it’s an equipment tower (broadcasting for example) then that may not be wise

The visual Line-of-Sight well that’s something we all know is becoming more and more prevalent in the constricted use of drones rules

All of this may be irrelevant if you have the correct permissions in place I’m assuming?


Thats a good question actually.

There seems to have been a lot of changes to the regs since I first ‘got my keys’ to my drone that I cant recall what regs were in place at the time of my first flight back in Oct 18.

I read up lot before taking my first flight and was aware of the 400ft ceiling ‘rule’ or (gentlemens) agreement. (again I cant recall where this came from…sorry) and I was well aware about not being a nuisance to people, their property or privacy and of course I was to keep well away from Airports and other major establishments.

Im sure in the wrong here as Ive got a pants memory, but this felt like more of an agreement between drone pilots than any enforced CAA rule / law.

It would be interesting to see a timeline actually.

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I agree. Its all about common sense and simply doing the right. Getting your enjoyment and letting other having theirs too.

You’re spoiling it for others? are you potentially going to spoil it for others? dont bother doing it.

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Here maybe?

Just been having a quick google on the laws pre Registration/drone code 2019 and it looks like the same rules that apply today were the same back 2015 when the drone code was launched.

On this basis I’d say probably 9/10 of those YouTube videos are illegal.


Assuming they are UK generated?


Aye that’ll be the one. I couldnt remember if that existed prior to me getting my drone but it obviously did as Im still a wee nipper in the drone owning department. So thats where my own drone governance is based from. :+1:

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