Breaking the speed limit


@milkmanchris Is that with sport+?

Do you think wind will help? or would it not still be GPS speed limited, just higher?


I think your probably right with GPS limit been hit, I’m gonna geek a bit and see if I can eek a little more jiuce out of it


I still think the best solution is a long holiday in the Caribbean and wait for a hurricane.
There’s no way it will be GPS limited in 150mph wind!
And I improve my suntan at the same time. A consolation for losing the MP. :wink:


You having withdrawals from lack of sun Dave? :rofl:


I’m fading! LOL!

I also love the Caribbean!
I’m also fascinated by extreme weather … and since the hurricane missed me last time I was there, I thought I’d give them the chance of another hit. LOL


WOW, i havent tried ‘Sport Mode’ yet on my Air.


Just clocked up 43.4mph with the Air, still not enough!! :rocket:


Spark …nearly …Max Speed
33.55 mph, will try again when the rain stops


Oooo … that’s close!


So GADC beat them too it!!!:joy::joy:

And it seems the Brits have quicker drones than the Yanks, but don’t tell ‘em, they will only sulk :wink:

Some footage of the inspire2 as well


The lucky bugger was given the Inspire 2 by one of his fans :open_mouth:


So - it could be a real dash to get the first, and the fastest, speed for an M2P with all these new purchases! :+1:

No mods available yet, either, so it could be a real close thing.

Sweepstake on top mph speed by 11pm on 9th Sept.
Poll closes 11pm this evening.

“Quoted” top speed is 44.7mph

  • 44.5
  • 44.6
  • 44.7
  • 44.8
  • 44.9
  • 45.0
  • 45.1
  • 45.2
  • 45.3
  • 45.4
  • 45.5

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Well tried a few times with the spark…only managed 33.76


I didn’t find much downhill wind for my MP, either.


40 minutes remain in the Poll a few posts above!


I still can’t believe nobody has claimed a MP2 slot yet!!

No Tello entries there either? Not sure if they record/display their forward speed though? :thinking:


I believe only 1 has flown so far, and I think that was a quick up/pics/down flight yesterday afternoon.


Took the Inspire for a spin this morning to get a feel for it out a bit further, went out about 300Mt tuned into the wind agave her full forward stick.
First attempt.


Hardly any wind today


I must get out and have a few more attempts, too. But today is certainly a “no wind assistance” day.