Brief time-lapsey kinda thing


Love that one Dave, especially having the shadow of the crane giving the extra level of movement- and so stable! Was that using the DR stabiliser!

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It wasn’t bad to start with, but DR pinned it perfectly. :+1:

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Great POV, I like this a lot the colours and the shadows make the shot, if only we had hour long batteries ;o)

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Like it Dave
Was it video time laps or picture? have to ask and what if photo was the separation 1 sec?

love the colours looks a little like multi coloured dominoes on their side

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I was trying several things to get an idea on the best way to get a longer version …. speeding up video (the one above is @ 5x) or interval stills @ the fastest the MP does … 1 per 2 secs

VERY brief sample of that … Container (4.0 MB) … and I think the movement in that is too fast.

Also, longest one would get 18 mins = 540 frames = only 21 secs of final video @ 25fps.

So I think the answer is 18 mins of video that one can play with the speed to get the best result.

Just need another day with no wind … so in about 6 years time … :wink:

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See reply to @milkmanchris :point_up:

Fastest frequency is 2 secs on the MP … and that’s Jpeg only.
One every 10 secs in RAW.

thanks dave thought it was video
as you say the 2 seconds isn’t that fluid like video
So must ask was it two flights or a combination of half video half photo ?

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All sorts in one flight. Generally taking a look around to see where might be my target for a full battery video.

Need the boats in the right berths, too … there was another that had all the quayside in shade.

Difficult to ask them to move those boats for some pics … :rofl:

life is like that

rock solid no movement though no drifting or did you stabilise the shot in post?

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must get these glasses sorted

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It brought to mind the stuff that JeffHK does on YouTube.

Simplest idea but the results and subject are really fascinating, if you have a couple of minutes check out his work


Yup - been a follower of his work for quite some time. :+1:

Almost 8 million views on that one! Wow! I saw it a couple of days after he uploaded and it was way below the first 1,000!


Wow, amazing.:+1:

Whooo amazing, thanks for telling me about this channel.

What an amazing perspective to capture. Changing the seemingly everyday mundane work place into a work of art.

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