Brill Windmill no fly zone

Continuing the discussion from Brill, Buckinghamshire - Added to Historic Buildings in South East:

07Aug2022 This is now a no drone zone with a parish council notice

I think they’re clutching at straws there.

Obviously no one had any understanding of the drone code either.

Wouldn’t stop me flying it


Can’t get over the councillors name either Triple H

WWE fans only will get that


(Life long prowrestling fan here :blush: )

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Just to keep this going in case HHH is reading

The Code forbids the flying of UAVs within 150m of people, 
crowds, buildings, and recreational areas. 

Still lol’ing


to be fair it does say the policy doesn’t apply to sub 250g drones.

So fly with the mini 3 to your heart’s content,

Whether the locals will be able to tell the difference is another matter…

They’ll be too busy looking for the new age outlaws.


It also seems to leave it open for Article 16 flights.

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Sort of

It does not cover small drones or model aircraft up to 250g in weight sold as toys or designed for children

That reads like they’re asking you nicely to please not fly? My question to them be
“Could you please stop distributing pointless and non recyclable materials on your sites”?


That is such a shambles of misunderstanding, out of date, and incorrect information, I think I might just drop them an email to try to bring them up to date.
I suspect I may be wasting my time, but I might enjoy it :wink:


‘Dear Karen’

Next time you see a member of the parish council


Looks a good place for a meet up! :+1:


@group-southeast assemble :joy:


What is there around that area that’s good to film that makes the two hour drive worthwhile?

GADC members crotch dropping the local parish councillors when told they don’t have permission to fly? :man_shrugging:

The pub!

If they are going to take the time to come up with this sort of thing they should also take the time to do homework and read the regulations that they misquote!

Let them call the police as threatened. They can then be informed as to the correct rules, airspace ownership, privacy rights etc and shamed for wasting police time!

As a relatively new drone pilot I have been shocked by the level of anti drone messaging (incorrectly!), by local councils, the National Trust, etc. The majority of drone pilots as far as I can tell are well educated, but it’s these bodies which fuel anti drone sentiment in members of the public, who see notices or look up info online and then feel they are in the right to challenge anyone’s ability to fly almost anywhere.

Brill Parish Council as highlighted by many have got this so wrong, it’s outrageous that a council can simply make up a policy without checking the accuracy of the statements they are making or for that matter the legality!

The main basis of their concern seems to be risk of ‘disturbance to people, animals and birds’ and yet they highlight ‘ball games and kite flying are popular pastimes’, I’m not sure either are any less disturbing and as for visiting wedding parties!?!

Very disappointing that while the CAA seems to be more supportive of the drone hobby, many are against with no real justification.