British Drone Flyers Camera Drone Day at Buckminster

I went along to the first British Drone Flyers Camera Drone Day last weekend. An excellent day with the BDF expert Chris Bradbury. Was great to meet, chat and fly with other drone flyers, most were beginners and we all benefitted from the day.

Looking forward to the next one.


Hi, new to DJI Mini 2 drone and booked into the British Drone Flyers Intro to Camera Drones Day on the new date of the 31st Oct (next Sunday) as it was cancelled today.

Who is going to it on thw 31st Oct?

Link for anyone interested


I will be there.

Yeah i am booked in for Sunday. Hope the weather is ok but it is not looking great!!

Forecast has improved over the last 24 hours so fingers crossed. Will be a Saturday am go/no-go decision. There is the possibility of the following weekend if its a no-go though.

I can’t make it this week, if it’s cancelled I’m ok for the next week.

Forecast is now worsening! Bloody weather.

It is not looking good!!

Postponed until 14th November. Fingers crossed for a good weather day then.

Slight change again. Now on Saturday 13th as Sunday is Remembrance Sunday

This event is getting moved more often than a new CAA regulation enforcement date.

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Unfortunately the weather at this time of year can have that effect.

The British Drone Flyers hosted a couple of Drone Flying days at BMFA Buckminster this week. A chance for to meet up, swap ideas, ask questions and seek a little advice.

Also an opportunity to meet some of the model flying community too. A great couple of days, enjoyed by all who came along.

All attached pictures taken with a DJI FPV drone.


Only 10 people turned up?

It was a nice number and considering the time of year thats fine. A good time was had.