Brixham Harbour X21 Bayangtoys Drone + gimbal plus GitUp Git2 camera

Video I took the other day at my local harbour. I notice that Shoalstone Pool is listed as a place to fly on the forum. (I had already been.) NOTE. I was told by the ‘caretaker’ to stop flying when I was there, (apart from him there wasn’t a soul there. Low water, pool empty.) threatened with the police etc. I told him I knew the CAA regs and was not breaking any. I’m BMFA model flying Cert A. BHPA Pilot rated and have studied air law for those qualifications. ‘They are going to put up signs saying no drone flying’ he said. I would have thought it would need a new byelaw, but I can understand why as some idiot crashed one there when it was busy with people in the summer.

Bayangtoys X21 budget drone with GitUp Git2 camera on a BGC motorised gimbal. My local harbour.

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@bobflyman for a setup costing about £300 quid(ish??) that’s pretty impressive!

What’s the X21 like to fly? Is it stable in the wind or very lightweight?

Thanks for sharing :+1:

It’s pretty good in wind but depends how much wind you are talking about! Certainly not a lightweight. I’ve flown 4 or 5 drones and it my most stable one. With batttery, gimbal and camera 1.2kgs, but it takes the weight easily.

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