Broke my rate virginity

So, bought a snapper 6 whoop to practice acro. Here is the video. It was quite late so poor light. My best bit is 1:50 to 2:15. It was real good fun flying fast fpv at a low level. I have been missing out by using angle mode.
There was a near miss and lots of crashes and bumps, but the whoop took it on the chin.
A few more goes and I’ll fly my bigger ones in rate. In a big field. Miles from anyone!
The video is unedited, so very rough. Mute the audio!


Soooo… what I now about FPV / racing would literally fit on the back of a postage stamp.

What does rate mean in this context Karl? :thinking:

Sorry, yeah. Rate is acro. So when you let go of pitch or roll, it wont self level. The quad will stay at that angle. And if you keep hold of pitch or roll, it will keep spinning. The more the stick is pushed, the faster it will spin with no angle limit. Angle mode means that the quad will right itself when you let go of the sticks.

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Shame. I was in Bolton today. Could of brought it up to let you have a pop.

And we let you leave
Will have to speak to border patrol

Yeah. My passports only valid for St Helens. :grin:


The short answer is that rate/acro the sticks control the rate at which the quad rotates on any given axis so for example the further you push the pitch stick the faster it spins on pitch.

Oscar has a brilliant explanation of the various flight modes.

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Keep at it, one thing I recommend as a new pilot to acro is limit the throttle, in betaflight you can reduce the amount of power available so that you don’t overshoot by using too much power. You can also enable acro trainer mode which will reduce the angle limit so you dont spin out randomly while you practice basic movement.

It’s also worth downloading Liftoff on Steam if you have a suitable pc/laptop and practice acro on a simulator. You can connect most radios via usb so you can use it to fly.

That looks like outrageous fun!

You need to increase throttle in turns to maintain height.

Yeah thank you. I had my throttle expo really high. Bit more responsive now I am lowering it as I get used to it.