Broken tabs on DJI Mini 3 batteries

I am new to this hobby. I have a DJI mini 3, which I’m very pleased with. The only problem I have is that the battery clips have snapped, i dont know how that happened as I’m very careful with the craft.
I have tried to contact DJI, with no luck so far.
Contacted the Drone Safe Store, they told me that DJI due to the physical damage the battery is not covered under warranty.

Can anyone give me advice on what to do next…

I have found the best way to contact DJI support is with the live chat

Click this link :point_down:

It is also quite a common fault , just google it and there have been loads of issues

Have both broke or just one?

If it’s just one then I did the same months ago and have been flying with it perfectly. The battery won’t slide out. :+1:

Here’s mine months down the line and still perfectly usable :slightly_smiling_face:

Cracked both tabs…

Ahh yes, avoid using it then… Hopefully they can sort you another at no cost.

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Try emailing support on
I have contacted them on this and had some very good interactions.

Cheers…Will do…

The other one hold’s it in ok I guess?

DJI have got a good reputation. Hopefully they will help.

@Chuck did the link work any joy contacting DJI

DJI have amazing drones. Would recommend them no problem. I’ll contact them tomorrow…about the snapped battery tabs…at


Absolutely, not had a problem with it at all.

Just keep an eye on it. Last thing you want is a battery fall out eh?

Has anyone come up with a good diy repair solution to this issue? I’ve tried glue and it just snaps again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve had the same issue, got 2 batteries replaced under warranty; but now I have 3 batteries just over 12 months old with cracks in the battery tab arms (2 of which are the replacements) and dji saying sorry, they’re out of warranty!

Now, I understand that maybe the battery warranty is 12 months and that they are out of the warranty period; but, I also feel that the battery tabs and battery should be designed to last the life of the aircraft itself and not just 12 months?

This is what I did

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That’s much appreciated, I’ll have a go at that :+1: and follow your suggestions :ok_hand:

Been racking my brain for a repair but I don’t think there’s an effective one?

Do you know if it happens with M4P batteries too :face_with_peeking_eye:

Many thanks :+1:

I’ve not heard anything so lets hope they fixed the issue

:crossed_fingers: cheers, Dave :+1:

I’ve had 3 batteries replaced under warranty. It was a royal pain though. They didn’t want me to post them back to them.I think at the time it would have been to Germany. They wanted me to make a video showing the destruction of the batteries by immersing the discharged batteries in salt water. Starting with mixing the solution, and showing the serial numbers of the batteries. The batteries were supposed to remain immersed for several hours but obviously impractical to make a video that length. So it was only a minute or so, and they were happy with that. A short while later new batteries arrived.

After the video was stopped I pulled them out and dunked them in clean water for a while. Let them dry out and recharged them. Worked perfectly. I kept them to use in the charger as a power bank.

Replacement batteries have been ok. They may have rectified the problem.