I am thinking about taking my drone with me on a day trip to Bruges at the weekend however have almost changed my mind due to the insane rules they appear to have…

Has anyone here ever flown around Belgium?

his guy might be worth an ask… New bloke NL

Other than Bruges is in Belgium, not The Netherlands. :wink:

I spent some time in Belgium last May, particularly around Bastogne, doing my ‘Band of Brothers’ trip. You are correct re the rules there - they are extremely prohibitive (and that’s putting it mildly) - so much so I didn’t do any flying, not even in the deserted countryside. Cities like Bruges? Not a chance.

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Oops senior moment your honour, sort of reminds me of when (as a young lad) I decided to go live in Amsterdam (there were certain attractions), I hitched down to Dover to get a ferry, only to discover there were no ferries from Dover to Dutchland…DOH!!

So I had to get a ferry to Ostend and hitch all the way through Belgium :rofl:

As for Flying in Belgium, Done that but in a microlight and all I can say is the airspace is nuts, very little open airspace, not sure what it’s like below 500ft though

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Thanks for the responses, I’ve decided to not take it with me, mainly because I would want to fly above 10m high… Which according to their rules is the max height without a license… :open_mouth:

Can almost get to 10m with a pair of stilts … but the drone takes up less luggage space. :wink: