Budd's Farm

Tiny Planet too!


Budd’s sewage farm? :nauseated_face:


Great video, crap location!


Ah you trying to poo-poo the location? :wink:


Nooooo, but from what I can make out, if something goes wrong at that farm, those boats below are going to get s**t on from a hight!

Indeed. The ironic thing is that I live 300 metres from the sea and my waste water is pumped off the island to the treatment plant and then is pumped in a different pipe seven miles to a very short outfall at the entrance to the harbour - which has a fast running tide taking the sometimes untreated waste out to sea - or, on the flood, bringing it back inshore. It would be a lot cheaper for me to cut out the miidleman and s*it directly into the sea,

The company has paid shareholders total dividends of 900 million pounds over the last ten years


Sorry, I meant to say from a great sheight

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I love these Pano things!

Think I spotted a tutorial on here a while back… must check it out.

There’s lots of advice in the Pano section

Windows user @OzoneVibe is your man, for OSX give me a shout if you get stuck

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