Budget FPV Starter Kit

Hey guys I’m looking for a reasonable budget FPV starter kit. I know there are alot of knowledgeable FPV guys on here so thought I’d run it past everyone for thoughts/ideas. I’ve found a RTF kit that I like the look of on Banggood. Has anyone any experience with any of the kit included? Ive watched a few YouTube reviews and it seems to be rated fairly highly as a budget starter. It’s an Eachine Novice 3 kit. Also open to other suggestions. Thanks in advance :+1:t2:

[£182.89 17% OFF]Eachine Novice-III 135mm 2-3S 3 Inch FPV Racing Drone RTF & Fly more w/ 5.8G 40CH EV800 Goggles 2.4G ER8 Transmitter RC Drones from Toys Hobbies and Robot on banggood


Yet another member lost to the dark side :pensive:

He says…

Desperately clinging to the idea and hope that he himself can somehow avoid the world of FPV for another year…


Haha not lost Rich, like a teenager I’m 'experimenting :rofl:


That’s how they all start though Steve, just dipping their toe.

It’s a slippery slope my man, ask anyone. I fear you’re already past the point of no return!

But that said, I’m very much looking forward to reading about your adventures too. Please do keep us posted :smiley:


Lol yeah I’m not quite turned to the Darkside yet but more in that Grey area in-between the Light and the Dark :rofl:
In all seriousness Rich I do get motion sickness sometimes so don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the FPV experience yet but the action just looks like too much fun to miss out on :smiley:
I still love the photography side of things though so even if I get on alright with FPV I will never turn completely to the Darkside. I’ll be more of a double agent for both sides :rofl: I’ll definitely keep you posted mate :+1:t2:


You fear correctly my son.
This has bitten me like a crocodile and there is no way it is letting go. I’ve already had the spinning, and nope, it ain’t letting go.
I think I have fallen in love. :joy:



All these camera drone pilots.


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Rubs hands “New blood!” :grin:


Last year my son took up the FPV hobby, and started with the Eachine X220S ( there’s a link to it on the Bangood page you linked to ) - the Eachine kit seems reasonable quality.

One thing I would recommend though before buying is checking the cost/availability of spares :wink:

This was after his first time out when a goalpost leapt out in front of it ( I’m sure they are magnetic )…we never did find the camera :frowning:


It’s called target fixation.
If you have ever ridden a motorcycle you will know that if you “don’t want to hit something” then don’t look at it. Look past it. If your eyes target the “goal posts” you will hit it.


@Nidge have you had any experience with the Eashine novice 3?

I know you have an extensive collection :ok_hand:t2:

Before this thread gets pulled way off topic lol


Thanks for the advice Martin. I’ve checked and banggood seem to have all the spares for this model :+1:t2:

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@SirGunner What I found is whatever you buy on a budget, your going to be upgrading pretty quickly.

If I was doing it all over again I’d probably have bought a decent TX from day one and spent some time in sim.

Next I’d get a decent set of goggles, loads of used on eBay and with hdmi in you can use with the simulator.

At that point you have a decent TX and goggles and can add some quads to the collection when ready.

I’d probably start with something like a tinyhawk and a whoop for indoors.


Look at Captain Drone YouTube Channel . He has done a few videos on starting to get into fpv and he tells you the beginners pitfalls like using cheap goggles and controllers …

From what I have seen there I think you need to invest unless you just consider this eachine drone as ´lost’ money … for sure longer term it won’t be that good from everything I hear on that aspect of the hobby

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Alas no. The only Eachine stuff I have are the Tyro119 and a couple of Tyro129’s, as well as the Eachine Twig. None of those I’d recommend as a first FPV Quad.

In all honesty I would highly recommend the Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle2. Unmannedtech do it in a RTF package. Due to its very low weight and power, behind the goggles it performs like a 5inch quad on a 4s pack, but without the inertia to break it to bits in a crash. The tune straight out of the box is excellent. In all honesty (I said it again) flying the TinyHawk has translated the confidence into the way I fly my 5inch and 7inch quads so that my control and dexterity has really improved. I’m sort of saying the ability was there but the Tinyhawk Freestyle brought it out.

Also the spares are easy to obtain without having to wait on the slow boat from China, and there’s no end of 3d printed parts to download to mod and improve it. Can you tell I’m a big fan of the THFS, that’s why I have two.


I know nothing about this stuff as I am very “new” to the FPV hobby. I took the advice of @Nidge and I can honestly say it’s an incredible little machine. (Not that I actually know any different) I got mine yesterday and was advised to go straight to accro. So I did and within about 5 minutes I was flying around my garden. Granted I am by no means an FPV hero. This, I do believe takes hours and hours of dedication. But wow this is addictive.


I’ll second that @Nidge I love the Tinyhawk :ok_hand:t2: it flies so nice straight out the box :grin:


Any other vote for the EMax rtf bundles.


Thanks for the replies guys :+1:t2: Looks like the Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle is the popular choice. It looks like a great kit to be fair, I was just a little concerned about the controller with the mushroom style sticks. I’ve found it in Unmanned Tech (thanks @Nidge) for around £165 including delivery. I’m now toying with the idea of buying the quad separately and then getting goggles and controller separately too? :thinking: Trouble is if I go down that route I can see my budget skyrocketing (thanks @callum) :rofl:


Your going to buy them anyway mate, don’t kid yourself. :wink:

At least your not buying twice.


The latter was the route I went down, and now I’m 5 quads deep and they all connect to the same goggles and controller I brought to start with :ok_hand:t2: