Burning Motors

Sending my MP back to DJI for reviewing and possibly fixing, after a flight the other day in reasonable winds the motors smelt like they had burnt something, that distinct acrid smell.

Anyone else experienced this before?

Not experienced anything like that, at least not on Mavic anyway.

Do all 4 motors smell burnt?

Any over current or temperature warnings flag up at the time or now?

I can’t recall if the flight data has motor temps. But if it does, could be worth trying that route to see more info on the issue.

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Dat file does contain motor temperature and current draw.

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going to check then, thanks

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can i see the data on my phone in the flight log, i can reply the flight but unsure where to find temps

The motor data is not stored in app. It’s stored on the MP in a .DAT file.

The file will just have raw data and you will need software to make sense of it. Something I’ve not looked into myself.

If you start a case with DJI they will ask for the DAT file and perform a flight data analysis. If they detect any abnormalities they will ask you to send it in.

Someone else may be able to help you analyse DAT file directly if you want to go down that route. It’s always worth keeping a copy of flight records before sending in, just case its needed in future.

This seems to be the software used to view .DAT file.

Created and maintained by BudWalker over at mavic pilots.


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Thanks Callum. DJI are happy for me to send in as under warranty. Not had the issue until that flight, it was windy and at times I brought it back down for safety but worried that damage has been done. I will download DAT. file before sending in and know doubt DJI can make sense of it. I hope that they resolve and send back ok…


Your doing the right thing mate.

Electrical burning smell is in no way normal. Could be motor winding insulation you are smelling. It may be fine but why risk it.

Wind would put extra load on motors but it should give overtemp and overload warnings before any damage is done. May just be a faulty unit and the wind pushed it over the edge.

Method to retrieve .DAT is on that link, download it anyway so you have it just in case you need a second opinion depending on what happens with DJI.

Chances are they will just send you a replacement unit.

Hope your back in air soon.


DJI have confirmed they are replacing the flight controller ESC board, under warranty.

Happy days, hopefully I get it back before my holiday in spain.

Overall I have found DJI very responsive and helpful.


It will be interesting to see if you actually get yours back repaired or, the more usual case, a replacement.

Will update on return

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That’s good news mate

Its back!!! They replaced it and shipped it back within 4 days, found their support very good and the tracking apps allow clarity on progression. Im off to Spain this weekend so very happy I can now take the MP.


Excellent news @Richie!

4 days is not a bad turnaround.

Look forward to seeing some videos or pics when you return from Spain.

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Don’t forget to pair the RC before you go!
Don’t want to get there and then be scrabbling for the instructions. :wink:

Edit: Unless you sent both drone and RC back and both replaced … of course.


I spent some time scratching my head and getting the RC reconnected, thank god for youtube videos.

Any tips on going through security. I will be declaring it and ensuring the two batteries connections are tapped up. For some reason I still feel like I might not get through.

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I’ve only ever driven to the other side of the channel …. which is zero problem.
So not really able to assist.
Check some of the posts in … Travel Tips … you might find what you need to know there.