Busted Frame

Is super glue adequate for repairing a carbon fiber frame :thinking:

I would say not, because you’ll probably get jello and weird resonances even if it stays together. Frames are pretty cheap though…


ok, its only cracked if that makes a difference ???

If you do use super glue I use something with low viscosity along with some kicker spray so it bond’s quickly. I’ve also used baking soda as a hardener but be careful as this produces an exothermic reaction which is hot enough to melt some plastics.

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@notveryprettyboy superglued his tinyhawk freestyle frame lol

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Yah I went for it, only had a crack in it so bodged it back together :sunglasses:

Made some pretty big mods to the protek, Ill put some pics up later but involved a Dremel :astonished:


Well took it out for a test flight and found I have some real problems :slightly_frowning_face:

One of the props doesn’t start up correct as it kind of stutters and once up it seems to have a mind of its own…

Is there any diagnostic in Betaflight I can run it through ?? Im thinking the crash did more damage than I first thought !!

Sorry about pic quality still getting use to my insta360 :grimacing:

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Maybe you damaged a motor wire when you broke the frame? Stuttering is usually 1 bad wire of 3 to the motor.

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Bring it to the Big Club Meet next week and we can have a look at it :+1:t2:

Cheers mate will strip her down and have a look :+1:t3:

Oky doky will do, but things aint that simple as I think Iv burnt 2 motors out on my other 1 :man_shrugging:t4:

Is there away of up loading video on to here other than youtube as I could video it and show you what I mean…

Gotta get 1 flying at lease, or Il be like a spare part at a wedding next week :rofl:

Just upload it to YouTube but leave it as unlisted and just post the link that way it won’t ruin your YouTube channel with pants videos lol

Or zip it if under 50mb. What motors do you need?


Thats a great way to share a video here! :clap:

I had a similar issue on my 2.5inch toothpick and like @notveryprettyboy said I had a loose wire on the motor. I just replaced the motor and away it went :+1:t2:

Il check the wiring tomorrow, if they are knackered its just plug and play so wont be to bad…

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Cheers mate did it all on my phone, makes life easier :+1:t3:

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Here we go again :roll_eyes:

Oh dear this looks serious :grimacing: lol