Big Club Meet 3-4 July 2021

Good evening all.

Right guys and gurls. I am proposing a meet, somewhere in the Uk, where as many people can turn up as possible. Within an area that we have permission. Bring your deck chairs! Sun loungers, barbecues, tents, beer, whisky, vodka, squash or all 4! (or your favourite tipple. Mine is anything but red wine)! Bring the misses and the dog! I will!

This meet shall be for LOS and FPV pilots alike. Gates welcomed. I am looking at building some gates. (@anon34183503 :wink: :wink:)

Preferably an area that’s nice and isolated. I have one in the midlands with permission, but I am willing to travel. If someone has a ghetto blaster, that would be a plus. :hugs:
All you have to bring is your drone / quad, enough batteries, and charging facilities (I have a car battery. Maybe 2). And a tent if you would like some night flying.

I haven’t put a date on this as I want to see who is interested. And where of course!

We want to fly. Lets make it happen.



Could be interested depending on date and location

Not overly fussed with race gates as a freestyle pilot :wink:

Yeah but we need a few obstacles? An empty field will be rubbish.

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Long range fixed wing time :slight_smile:


Here or here? Scots would have to drive!

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Will be up for this for sure, also willing to travel to suit best for others. :+1:t3:

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Oh yes!

I would suggest the middle

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Me too obviously. But a coastal would be nice.

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Your a brave Man! Sounds like a logistical nightmare and that before anyone turns up :wink: But count me in if I can I will

Has an Aerodrome type place ever been used / hired in the passed?

I ask because I use to live in Formby Nr Southport and not every year but some years they had a Model Aircraft Show (I’m not recommending inviting the public in) But are such still feasible?

I also read somewhere recently that One of the Authorities (should have been paying more attention) had arranged an open day event where UAS flyers could mix with those who wanted to get to know more Is it feasibly to somehow do a joint venture ?

I may be dreaming but I thought I’d just throw that out there As what you are proposing is potentially a Challenge of mammoth proportions

Yes Ian. It is indeed a plan. But this will happen.


It’s not about where we can’t fly. It’s about where we can. And meeting people in this group face to face and making a day or weekend of it.


Just a thought for possible locations:

Peak / Lake District, not sure of exact position but can imagine large open land for us all while also being quite centre in the UK.

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I’m all for it believe me, I would be delighted to see it happen I was just thinking Aerodrome lots of space no public looking to get the police involved potentially got your own NFZ All to yourself I thought it was a pretty positive suggestion

Not to mention that we have some Full size flyers amongst us also those who are friends of such who could maybe open a few doors Then I wouldn’t be surprised if we had some X military who also might know who or how to …

Sorry if my thread in any way appeared I was trying to dis’ your idea or enthusiasm Those who have it are usually those who make it happen

Look forward to an update with

No no no. Good ideas. I like your thoughts. If anyone has connections, it’s obviously a plus.
The main idea is to get as many people from here as possible turning up. Especially newbie un-confident pilots.

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Trust me. The police wont bother. Put that out of your mind and don’t mention it again Ian.


That’s what we want Karl some positive forward thinking,
Good on yer boy !!.
Personally, i don’t care where it is !, but, i can tell you this, I will try my damnest to be there, short of my Holiday in May getting in the way !.
And if i can be of help in the organisation of it, count me in ! 1,000% !

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Your the man!

I just looked!, your right!, i am a man, not a mouse.
Now let’s get this rolling, and see if we can put some positive things in the minds of the good old general public.

Great idea! I’ll come along if I’m free (and might have to bring Dogzilla if I cant arrange a sitter)

As for venue - is it worth trying some of the training organisations to see if we could use their flight test field?