Buying a used iPad mini 4 off Shpock

Often see threads where someone is looking for a bargain iPad mini 4 just wondered what you think of this as a platform for investigation

Be warned though Shpock has lots of low-life scammers with 0 - 5 not so good reviews (I know :disappointed: not so wise early days on site)

This purchase was paid with PayPal through the site so has buyer protection and the cost you see included RM signed for Seller had 5* 60+ reviews so hard to fake

Is it a bargain? (I’m hoping so) Would you use Shpock with caution for such a purchase?

Let you know what turns up, but fairly confident


I don’t know you have a 50/50 chance I guess

Ouch I hope it’s more like 80/20 in my favour

Well let’s wait and see!

I got one off EBay £180 5th Generation 64gb and still under warranty June 2020 looked a bit rough in picture, but paid with PayPal so took the chance is brilliant, quick clean up and fine, went from 16gb one now 64gb really wanted 128gb but big bucks


Wow that’s pretty dam good Well done You :+1:

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I don’t know this outlet, but I have used eBay and that high street shop “CEX” - both obviously have a returns policy if the item is dud etc. I got my mini thru eBay £165 and found when I tracked back it was sold thru Currys !!! Went into my local store and they said the Currys warehouse regularly sells extra stock this way - bit like Amazon Marketplace I guess.

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Looking at getting an ipad mini myself now, I use a 10.1"Acer tablet with the P4 but that’s overkill on the Spark lol

Funnily enough I have been looking at the iPad air 10 inch I think - one of them American Youtubers always has one with his MP - looks a bit hefty BUT I guess the visibility is excellent - Im getting sick of squinting lol

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I started off with some Android 7 inch tablet that was useless on the Phantom 4, I then searched for an iPad Air 2 and it was excellent but only 16Gb, I now use an iPad Pro 9.7 256Gb and wouldn’t use anything else with whatever I fly.

Not even a CrystalSky? :smiley:

Not really, I said I’d never have a fruit based tablet and here I am using it all the time.
I like using it with other apps now so unless I was given a CS then it’s a no :laughing:


I use an iPad mini 5 cellular I used to use a 9.7 pro but the mini is light and bright
I wouldn’t swop it for a crystal sky either

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Lifelong Apple user, came from an iPad to a CS.

Could never go back now :slight_smile:

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Ian / @iGo-droning did you ever receive the Ipad from the shpock seller?

Yes I may need to go back to that One as it was working well just didn’t have cellular and this one came up and I thought I would prefer to have that and would sell other but now I need to get this working before I do Not the type to pass on problems to others certainly not intentionally! By reselling the cellular one that is

What ONE was working well?

Hi Alex I’m not explaining myself very well today up 3 night on the run very windy can’t sleep when it’s like that!

iPad mini 4 64gb silver (Shpock) working well!

IPad mini 4 64gb Gold Cellular ( PreLoved) seems to have issues with battery charging not sure if software or hardware - tried to get my money back but seller became abusive & threatening Claiming it must have been something I did within the 4hrs I had it in my possession

DM me and I’ll help you get it fixed

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OK Alex Thanks I will do that, It won’t be today if that’s OK as I’m really tired and can’t think straight at the moment Too many sleepless nights in a row :crazy_face: