Buying Online

Anybody know of a good trusty online Drone sales shop ?
Have looked but some of them look to be a bit Dodgy so wont take a chance.

Argos and Amazon.

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What drone are you looking to buy? Camera drone or FPV?


Are you in the UK ?

If so then I’ve successfully used these:
Drone Authority

Also I personally have had no issues with Banggood, though delivery can be a little slow if stuff is coming from their warehouse in China

I got my original Mini from

Excellent service and free next day delivery.

Hi Dean,

I have a DJI Mini 2 but would like a drone with obstacle sensors that is still within the 250 grams category.
Just cant find an online site that sells more than 1 or 2 Drones. :thinking:

Under 250 gram camera drone with optical sensors.

The only one that I know of is this one:

Hubsan Zino mini.

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Or the Autel Evo Nano :sunglasses:


I used Heliguy - brilliant service

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I’ve used Leicester Drones. No issues.

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Thanks Tony,

Excellent online site…Now I can take a good look at whats on offer…Thanks Again. :smiley:

Also…Thanks for all the replies received.
Plenty to look at before I purchase.
1 thing…may sound a bit daft but is their a DJI Mini 3 coming out or is it just Guessing ???

@Robwak over here: DJI Mini 3 - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

Took a look at the Autel Evo Nano…Looks like it has what I am looking for.
Has anyone out there got one or knows how it performs ???
Still waiting to hear if a Mini 3 is coming…if not will go for the Autel.
Thanks for your help.

The Autel Nano isn’t available yet.

A few places are taking pre-orders though.

Keep an eye on this thread for the most recent news at all times: Autel Evo Nano / + - sub 250g drone - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion

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Thanks Again…Took another look at Clifton Cameras and it has to be Pre-ordered.
Will do as you suggest and keep up to date with any news from Autel.
Clifton cameras say they expect delivery before the end of 2021 so not really worth placing the ÂŁ5 deposit. Will Wait.

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