Buying propellers for a Mavic Pro

I’m looking to get a spare set of propellers for my DJI Mavic

There seems to be quite a few different options and varied prices for what look like the same items
from ebay and amazon

Where is a reputable place to buy from and do the low noise type make any difference.
Can you recommend any propellers that are more efficient.


I’d only ever buy OEM DJI props or Master Air Screw.

It’s not worth risking your drone for the sake of quite literally a few quid saving on cheap props that no one has ever heard of.

Negligible - try a search on the forums, there’s been countless topics discussing low noise props in the past.

Amazon (direct, not a reseller), Heliguy, Hobby Mounts, Leicester Drones to name but a few.


Yep, this topic has been covered recently, with flight test results.
search for postings by @Matty1 @Steviegeek

spoiler… Genuine DJI ‘low-noise’ came out the best :slightly_smiling_face:


The DJI low noise props are the way to go, Master Airscrew props are good too, the only other ones I’d risk but prefer the DJIs tbh :grin::+1:


Another reason for going the OEM route is you can’t always count on 3rd party props being correctly balanced.

An out of balance prop can induce unwanted vibrations resulting in poor video quality, or worse shorten the life of your motors.

Folding props can be balanced, assuming you have a quality prop balancer, but they are a little more fiddly than props with fixed blades.



Possibly yet another reason for going the OEM route is that insurnace companies would probably note the “use of non-standard kit” as an excuse to reduce ot avoid a payout :frowning:


Thanks Chaps - I will go with the original DJI ones and get them ordered up really soon.
It would be handy to have a spare set in the bag just in case.

Will try to find the flight test results and have a read on the low noise ones.

Just completed my registration so I’m almost ready to get off the ground :astonished:

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Do the DJI Mavic Pro come with low noise props or are these to be upgraded if you want them ?
I have the ones on that it came with, and already seems pretty quiet compared to some of the other drones I’ve watched flying about my area

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It’s been a while but I think only the Mavic Pro Platinum shipped with low noise props? :thinking:


Spot on Rich :+1:


God… that like was quick Rich @PingSpike
You’re turn on duty :thinking:


I’d buy em quick as there will be a rush on soon in the states to buy all the stock up.


There will? Why so @speatuk? :thinking:

Guess it’s already time to treat my Mav to a makeover then :slight_smile:

Haven’t you seen the latest news with Autel and DJI?
That are on about removing most of the DJI drones from the USA market by June 1st

See here

That law suit won’t stop anyone buying props for an old Mavic Pro :slight_smile:

Maybe not but if you can’t buy the product and there is an immediate ban on them. The Americans will buy everything up FAST