Steptoe Secures ITC Win for Autel in Patent Dispute with DJI

American patent law is a mess and there are no searches for prior applications before a patent is granted. I find it difficult to believe that Autel can get a patent for legs to support a rotorcraft and for a propeller lock.

DJI is in the sh1t with the Trump administration as they are a very visible part of the Chinese trade, along with the equally hated Huawei. Electronics? MUST be spy devices …


that is one hell of a decision - DJI must cease to import/sell their products ? WOW
IF this isn’t fake news, then DJI must bitterly regret not supplying the Air 2 in Europe to US specs then.
Looks like the US really is at war with China. I wonder what impact this decision will have on the DJI owners/retailers etc in the USA ?


No it’s not fake news. It’s been going on since 2016. This is just the first stage think it’s was a preliminary court hearing to see if a court hearing could go ahead.
There will be appeal after appeal but if Autel win. As they may do. (Seeing as the USA is in a trade war with Chine atm) DJI will have to pay Autel for infringement etc. This will be a slice from every Mavic sold in North America.
We will have to see. But I doubt they will make them withdraw the Mavic series from sale.

Hopefully DJI with have the MA2 certified when they have the ADS-B capabilities fitted for the EU market.
Just glad I cancelled mine. I will wait to see what the Mavic Air 2 version 2 is before I buy.


I didn’t look at the date but this is more than a preliminary I think. Its got “intent” all over it.
Autel are in a very powerful position with the US legal system behind it. Similarly the odds are against DJI getting much leeway. Trump has been looking for a rock solid example to use alongside Huawei, looks like he’s found it against DJI who have been “all powerful” in this field. Will be interesting to see how DJI respond as even they can’t afford to lose the US market, but its going to cost them a bundle to fight it for sure. Still, if it was the other way around the Chinese would simply make legislation in 24 hours to close an opponent down. I will watch this with interest, and you were correct to hold back on the MA2 - theres a long way to go on this one.


Yep I agree.
I purchased MA2 within 15 minutes of the release. Then (as you probably know) I cancelled later that morning when I found out that the European purchasers were given a bum deal.
I will wait and see and keep my eyes and ears open. I am active on another forum (ohhhhh the shame :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) as I find out more or more is “released” I will update this thread.


Regardless,i cannot see DJI drones being forbidden for sale in the US! however,having said that i could be wrong! if that does/were to happen,it will be highly controversial… BUT,could that mean better deals for us,in U.K??? :wink: :wink:

Apple v Samsung anyone ?



This is good watch.

If you read it all, they have also said the copyrights that Autel have are “unpatentable” and as such they haven’t been infringed.

Loadsssssaaaaaamoneeeeyyyyy for the lawyers.

Yes, said it before - the American system is a mess

And, in the words of Alan Price:

"We all want justice but you gotta have the money to buy it … "