Bye Laws and Privacy Podcast

From the UAVHUB team. with the Black Belt Barrister Daniel

This week discussing bye laws and privacy


good spot

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Interesting listen, but something also got me was the guy’s voice…i am sure I have heard him before :thinking:

Is it this guy? DJAudits? That sounds like him :thinking:

Is he Tim from UABHUB?

Time for a drone pilot legal fund to challenge a byelaw and set a precedent?

I am sure it is him, Tim from UABHUB sounds just like DJAudits…even using the same expressions :thinking:

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I watched 5 hours worth of his channel at the weekend, well maybe not quite 5 hours but it felt like it! And I would agree that the voices are identical!!!

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Has DJ been busted? :rofl:

Honestly though I don’t think it’s him. The drones are a relatively new thing to DJ’s channel and looking back at when he first used them it’s clear he didn’t actually know them or the law about them very well to begin with.

Agreed, I don’t think it’s him either. As has been said when DJ first started using his M2 some three months ago it was clear from his misquoting the CAA regs amongst other things, that he knew little and was learning as he went. His flying skills (jerky movements etc) were a bit iffy, to say the least.

In fairness to DJ as compared to a lot of the other auditors who get drones out who I just find obnoxious he has actually engaged with learning about them and what the laws actually are to some degree. He goes on drone related livestreams and such, seemingly to actually learn the nuances etc.


Yeah but the best of the twats is still a twat

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Sometimes the right kind of twat is what you need to get things done.

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If you come anywhere close to finding one hiding behind the label of auditor make sure you post the link.

The likes of the BBB could make change by challenging in the courts, I wonder why they don’t ?

totally agree at one point he was trying to tell the police that his drone was a class 0 drone … really boiled my blood as it was in more than one video and at that point i gave up on watching him hahahah

Hey guys!

It’s Tom from the UAVHub Team who does the podcast & it’s Tim who runs our customer service dept.

I can 100% confirm that it’s neither Tom or Tim who are behind the Audit videos… Even if they may sound similar at times!

They’re both WAAAAAAY too busy working on the training and dealing with the regulator, to have time to do that type of stuff & my opinion (and theirs) is that it doesn’t cast a good light on the community either.



I think largely because you need to have legal standing in a case to be a plaintiff. So say a drone pilot in a council area that’s planning to introduce a new byelaw banning them from council land/parks, etc. would have standing as a plaintiff because they’re a local resident and would be directly affected by the byelaw.

I reckon he’d probably be up for representing someone in that situation though. At least I hope so.

Wonder what his fees are. :rofl:

Yeah I have very mixed feelings about the best of them myself, and very negative views of the rest of them. In my mind it’s one thing to be assertive when being bullied out of conducting a lawful flight and another to go out of your way to elicit that kind of situation.

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They do have very similar voices :grinning:

I am glad you have confirmed it as I can now sleep soundly :joy:

Keep up the good work :+1:t2:

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Ditto. I used to quite enjoy watching some of them as I’m a great believer in standing up for one’s rights but I’m slowly losing patience with them. Now it just seems to be about pushing bounderies and buttons, venturing onto private land, being told to leave and then leaving. And lets be honest here, they are not doing it for the benefit of you or I no matter how much they protest they are. they’re doing it for their channel subscriber count and the monetization of that channel. There is one, Koleeberks, who’s well known to the authorities in London who has currently got four private prosecutions on the go for wrongful arrest and abuse of Section 43.

On the flip side of my negative comments, if it does educate the authorities on the use of UAV’s or does highlight abuse of powers then perhaps they are serving a purpose.

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Same. People who know me know I’m not a shrinking violet and I stand up for myself when I need to. That said I don’t enjoy conflict and I don’t go out of my way to seek it. I don’t need people or business owners in my locale thinking I’m a dickhead even if what I’m doing is technically lawful. If I need to overfly something like a business or residential area (<250g ofc for that) to get to what I’m actually trying to shoot I make it quick so it’s obviously a transit overflight, for example.

One of them posted a video yesterday of them rocking up to the central police station in my town with a drone. Contrary to feeling better protected from police overreach from his actions I feel more worried that the local police are more likely now to see me and think “Uh oh here’s trouble.” The one saving grace for me from that is a couple of patrol officers from the more local station to me I’ve spoken to before flying a couple of times and they know my face and what I do, and that I’m allowed to do it.

Part 2 is up now.

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