CAA close their Drone Safe web site



I ended up seeing that earlier as wanted to check something on the drone code.

Why would they do that? Anyone know?

Just saw this.


I spoke CAA about this earlier, they said the only info on DroneSafe was the airfield restrictions map (KML files) and the safety-apps info (ie. Drone Scene et al).

This will all be ported over to the main CAA drone site in the next day or two.

They want just a single site with everything in one place, including the registration process.


That’ll help the new hobby user who’s bought from a department store. The CAA site, like ALL government sites, is totally intimidating & over complicated. The drone safe site kept it straight forward & in idiot terminology. It’s the idiots that do us all the harm :pleading_face:
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid


From what I understand; NATS stopped funding it.

And they have stopped funding the Drone Aware app too (which was Altitude Angel powered).

It’s also the case that the simple AUP procedure to request to fly in an FRZ at NATS airports no longer exists and those airports are back to paper based systems - because NATS is no longer paying Altitude Angel for the software that facilitated that.

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To be fair they would have to actually look at the site in the first place for it to be of any use and they sure as fuck dont.

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Would explain why my recent request came with a grumble of 3 hours of paperwork to do. :man_facepalming: