Cables/Plugs for maintenance

I think @Yith does this, but I have been soldering direct from component to FC, and with the new Tiny Ape (and may do on other builds), it seems it could be very useful to be able to disconnect the GPS, RX, etc from the FC. Also need to wire through tiny holes, so taking top off drone becomes a pain! Sooo… I have been googling some Male/female connectors with silicone wires, for 2, 3, 4 (maybe even 5) cables, can’t really find anything suitable

Any recommendations? Should be small, silicone wire (low AWG is fine I think for data and low current), and stay together pretty well.

I always use silicon wire, unlike PVC it does not melt back when you tin the ends.
I can get a nice 2mm stripped and tinned end, perfect for dropping on the top of pads :+1:

For signals, I use 30awg, but 28awg is fine
For power on sensors eg. GPS I use 28awg

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

I have bags of these. Various numbers of pins… 2, 3, 4 (maybe higher)

Also on ebay…

I think they also happen to match the connectors used on runcam thumb and other devices.

Yeah I try and use silicone where ever possible. I got reels of the stuff, mainly 30 I use and it’s fine on the GPS, and RX.

@yith those links, esp the second (as want 4 pin), they’re not silicone are they? (They’d advertise that bit if was surely). Really struggle to find silicone with pre-soldered pins… Not end of the world, but as Steve said it’s better than PVC which most come with!

Yeah. Probably not silicone, but very convenient and what I’ve been using.

yeah cheers. I get the handyness. Looking at Molex Picoblades too. Will makea decision later, lol cheers mate. I solder aat around 410 degrees, so the Silicone is a lot better to tolerate. In and out in a second, can always play with em first as the cables are far too long, so can mess up the ends a bit with practise :wink:

I’m at 400 myself. You can always reduce for tinning the cables.

Good to know you close to same temp. Thought exactly that reduce the heat. Think being able to remove components without soldering is a nice to have now!

I have most if not all of my elrs rxes wired up the same way. Potential mix and match etc…

Cameras also are good this way…

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Most of my cams come with plugs but yeah!

Got my first built in elrs FC/ESC all in one board now can’t wait to configure that

I’ve noticed a few varying standards of camera plug, so now i sort of have my own standard and adapter cables.

Guys, just check your joints are nice and shiny, at those temperatures you run the risk of burning off the flux before you’ve finished the joint :face_holding_back_tears:

Mine are all fine. Plenty of flux…

Ordered a selection from ebay, will reduce heat a little when tinning and practise. Still if anyone ever finds 3, 4, 5 pin style mini connectors in silicone… (Without having to solder, crimp, etc) let me know :slight_smile:

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Like these?

Oh, of course… OUT OF STOCK :person_facepalming:

I do find UMT stock levels worse than most. Then again I use them most, HRC sometimes, and flying tech trying to use more, though their range isn’t as great.

Those are just the “plugs” (male or female) I think. I nearly ordered them yonks ago. Having both the male and female connectors soldered for wires means I can just cut to length and put in, and TBH doesn’t really matter is JST PH, XH, or Molex PicoBlade, or some other made up “standard”… As long as they the same and I have spares :wink:

I’ve got a bunch of JST 2.54mm plugs/sockets that came with the crimpers I bought for fixing some LiPo balance connectors, but they’re way too big for component connections.

yeah I prefer the1.25 and 1mm pitch ones :slight_smile:
I quite like look of the picoblades tbh, I’d get some from pihut if they had pi’s in stock!

Also only one end i think. They’re not inline. The sockets for those are usually surface mounted on the PCBs.