Caister Castle

Took the Mavic Air out last weekend, and ended up at Caister Castle, on a Saturday in the Busy Season, and its CLOSED, so lucky for me as took to the air and a few snap shots and video’s later returned the bird home…

Weather was not the greatest, dodging rain and the wind, but when the sun did pop through I got a few, this is one of them…


nearly went there yesterday early in the morning.
I was at How Hill at 6am, flying around there.
Then headed to Winterton at 7am, then on to Caister and
turned then towards Norwich and stopped of at Filby for a quick flight around.Was a beautiful morning !!

If you check the website they never open on a Saturday, one of the reasons I’ve never been and it’s only 2 miles away if that. Nice shot Steve :+1: