Caister-On-Sea, Norfolk Meet 23rd Feb 2019


Many thanks to @Paul_M and @Simon_T for a great Meet Up this morning at Caister was a perfect flying day, bright sunshine with a very slight breeze
Had several flights between us around a ideal area just off from the beach.
Paul and I did the “Your looking at Me, I’m looking at you” thing with Paul’s Mavic Air and my Mavic 2 Pro.
While this was going on Simon spent his time flying…his drone, well trying to get it to go in a straight line to be fair!
Or… retrieving it, due to range limitations.
Even I could not get it to go in a straight line…
So we both blamed the drone!.
So he was not disappointed handed him my Air’s controller and let him burn off a battery on a real drone!.
Paul in the mean time burned up the sky’s out of harms way.
To be fair to Simon he handled the Air with ease and flew it great, and hopefully got “The Itch” for progressing to a better drone, in time.
Then Paul had a flick round with my M2P, before a issue of a faulty side lead/connection had him having to RTH the M2P
New re- boot and off he went again,
ALL of us were surprised at the quietness of the M2P, in comparison to the Air.
After a catch-up with Paul of “Willows” progress after his big operation, we said our thanks and goodbyes and departed.
Many Thanks to Paul & Simon for a great meeting and conversation for what I believe is probably Norfolk’s Biggest Meet todate!


Well there’s not a lot else to do …


Apart from Pluck a few Turkeys for Bernie !


Rum pluckers you lot :grin:


I’ve just woken up :slight_smile: I was up at 3am for work. It was a good couple of hours of flying drones and having a good chat. Great to meet Chris and Simon and having a buzz around a field just because we could. Simon had some major issues with his drone which didn’t want to do what is was being told to do which was a real shame. The look on his face when he started flying Chris’s Air was priceless :open_mouth:
I have to say getting my hands on a Mavic 2 was something else, it is a real beauty to control and the sound difference between that and the Air is worlds apart, more of a humming than a whining. I wanted to gain some height and range to put it into sport mode, the climb speed took me by surprise and before I knew it I was at 350ft with no wind interference. That was when the app disconnected which was a shame. RTH is your friend :smiley:

We will have to do it again guys and I think it has given Simon something to think about for his next drone.


Oh!, forgot to mention, the Guy who walked past and said “Have you got bombs on board” (my usual terse, reponse)
“Na ,Mate, left them at home”, funny how he shut up rather quick !!


I feel sorry for Simon having to open his wallet up after a meet up always hurts…


I do believe Jeff that he found out the difference between a Toy drone and a real one ! (no disrespects Simon!)


Welcome back from the land of Nod Paul !, Thanks again for a great session.
I agree with your synapsis of Simon face when he flew the Air.
“Kid in a sweet shop” would have been my description !.
I lost count of the times he said “I can’t believe how stable it is”.


Photos from the day @Paul_M and @Simon_T , videos to follow !


Shame I missed it! Oh, well. Hope I can come along to the next one. I had the kids today though, so was occupied.

Photos look good. I still want a play with your new MP2 @chrisjohnbaker! Then again, I’m not sure my wallet could resist…


I don’t think anyone knew this meet was happening?


It was @Paul_M who had invited New member @Simon_T out for a meet this morning.
I had a call from my Accountant (who is based only a few miles up the coast)
and had to visit him a 9am this Morning, Sooooo !,
I asked Paul (very early this morning) if he minded if i joined them for the Meet, so i joined them at Caister at 11 am, and so the improptu meet.
I must be keen 2 Meets in two days !, likewise, was good to meet @Rob yesterday at Wisbech !


If I flutter my eyelids, can I come play next time?


I am sure i can fit you in soon Russell, it’s a dream to fly, and ,yes better start saving, You WILL want one !!


You got anything on tomorrow?


Not sure. Will get back to you.

On a completely different note (and not very helpful reading for others), I’ve sent you text msg on your mobile!


Just text you


I’ve sent you another one!

I shall run and hide now before a moderator comes and hits me with something heavy.


Nice photos @chrisjohnbaker I’ve been busy today so haven’t had a chance to look at what I captured.