Calder Valley on not so good day

Really don’t know why I’m putting these on here cos it’s not what I wanted to show. But I was determined to go flying today and wanted something to show for the 2 hours I spent freezing my *****off waiting for the fog to lift, it didn’t :confounded:. These shots were taken from Mount Tabor Halifax looking over Luddenden and over to Sowerby. Oh well, roll on spring and better weather.


Totally worth the effort!! You get the Misty Moments Badge for these!!! :+1:

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If you’d had gone a little further north, it was bright sunshine this morning.

Well, that’s a surprise and and a bonus OzoneVibe. I really don’t know what to say fella. Something out of nothing!! It’s made me more determined for sure. :+1:

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Hi notveryptettyboy. How much further north? I was praying for that sun to show itself, but alas, fog and more fog. :slightly_frowning_face:

Not good enough my friend. Wanted to show you more of the valley you love. Even went down to Butts Green and Great Edge where the grave yard you mentioned is at but the fog got worse. I’ll try again at some point. :+1:

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Um. Not sure. Probably 30m south of Stockton on Tees. It just cleared up real well. There’s some nice hills I’ve seen to the east travelling up the A19. Need to check them out at some point.

I’m the same now. Every hillside and valley I know I want to get there. I will!

Its this. Not sure if it’s National “no fun” Trust though.

Sorry mate but have to give you the bad news about your photos…
they are very good, the sun doesn’t shine every day and the mist gives yours a lovely atmosphere. Really impressed, well done.


I think it would be marked if it was NT. I’d give it a go. Don’t know that area. I like around Haws and Askrigg but I’m pretty sure that’s NT. Shame cos there’s some hills and bellies just waiting for a drone.

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Well cheers Brian, that’s made my day fella. Makes it all worth the effort with remarks like that :+1:

Fabulous. I live up there and the weather has been quite dramatic. You capture it and the landscape really well. I should have gone out myself :slight_smile:

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