Calling all designers! Your club needs you!

Your club needs your help!

The Grey Arrows Drone Club is in need of a new set of logos and icons to replace our ageing graphics and we’re wondering if you can design something that we can use in various places.

The brief is simple. It needs to say drones and it needs to say British. The full club name must also feature in there too: “Grey Arrows Drone Club”

It doesn’t need to say “drones” or “British” it in the literal sense, i.e. You don’t need to put those actual words in there, so long as the ‘message’ is conveyed (but Grey Arrows Drone Club must be in there).

Here’s the specs, formats and sizes we need for the club Forum (all images must be in transparent PNG format):

Main logo - The logo image at the top left of the site. This should be a wide rectangle shape.

Current Image:

Small logo - The small logo image at the top left of the site, seen when scrolling down a long page. This should be a square shape.

Current Image:

Digest logo - Optional alternate logo image used at the top of the site’s daily email summary. This should be a wide rectangle shape.

Current Image:


Mobile logo - The fixed position logo image used at the top left of the mobile site. Should be a square shape.

Current Image:


Favicon - A favicon for the site, used for when people create bookmarks and on Tabs in some browsers.

Current Image:

Apple Touch Icon - Icon used for Apple touch devices. The Apple recommended size is 144px by 144px.

Current Image:


Thanks @StevenPSCC :+1:

Only problem is the shape, it doesn’t fit the requirements above :blush:

But it does tick all the boxes :smiley:

Could you edit or hack it about a bit somehow :thinking:

1st attempt…

Yes I can do all the shapes and sizes required, the above was just to give an idea

Great attempts on both. Thanks, guys. My initial reactions are that @StevenPSCC 's design is striking but the image overwhelms the club name and with @Cobblers the grey colouring of the text flattens it a bit too much. Excellent ideas, however, and a great start to out search for a new logo.

you can have any colour you want @Londroner i thought Grey i will play a round and see…



Not an entry. Just playing around with an app on my iPhone.

This is a bit off-topic, but bear with me.
I was fiddling about in Illustrator and made the attached image of the Mavic:

I want to let members use this to help with the logo competition. It’s a different, more dynamic image than the other one, so now there’s a choice. Message me and I’ll let you have the original Illustrator file. Note that this format is resolution-independent, so you can enlarge it to the size of a small moon with no loss of quality.

And, being a smug git, I decided to use the Mavic image to play with a tee-shirt design! That’s a whole new can of worms. But I reckon we should have some made and sell to members.

The Logo that you have made looks brilliant!

Thank, Reucc. It’s not the right format for the web banner, but I want to offer the illustration to all the other members so we can get some tasty designs going. I do this for a living, so this is the result of a few lunch hours in front of my Mac! It’s not fair for me to submit an entry as it’s my job. But I’ll enjoy seeing what others come up with.

Everything’s fair when it comes to helping the club! :slight_smile: Love the illo you made. Looking at it I was wondering if the Union Jack could be incorporated in the Mavic’s arms and the club name under and between them. That would make it nearer the format we’re looking for.

Another lunch hour spent at this addictive site!
My attempt follows, but hope to see some more from other members…

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Hmm, yes, really like it. Flag is just right. Would it also work if the drone was tilted just a couple of degrees more so the props don’t look like they’re growing out of the ‘B’? Nitpicky I know but it’s a great design.

These are all great :smiley: I love them :grin:

@PsychoTeapot if you’re making changes to that latest one, try chopping the bottom off, people don’t need to see the domain name in the logo (fine if we were to use it elsewhere for banner ads) but they know where they are :wink: and that’ll also help it become a longer rectangle to fit the top if we were to slot it in :+1:

Amended attached. Hope it’s ok - as said before, you’re welcome to the artwork files to play around with; your web genius can trim more off the bottom if needed. But I’m in a rush - now off to the day job.


Well, just a short note to say “THANK YOU!” to everyone who submitted entries, we were blown away by the quality of them all :smiley:

Alas, we could only choose one design at this stage and PsychoTeapot’s was just that little bit closer to what we wanted.

Please keep an eye on the forums as it may well be the case that we’ll need more designs in the future for things such as potential club merchandise and other goodies we’re working on :wink: