Calling all Sunset-ers!

We’ve just added a new Sunset Flyer badge :+1:


I’ll run through the Daily Photo Thread this evening and see if I can spot any in there, but if you’ve posted a cracking sunset photo that you think may be worthy, give us a shout and point us to the link / post :sun_with_face:

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Sunrises too?

Edit: Wooo! Thanks!



Yes, very good point…

Give me ten minutes…

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Is there a single word that covers both sunrise and sunset? :thinking:

Or are we looking at two separate badges here?

“The Sun Near The Horizon Badge”. LOL!

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“Golden hour” badge?

Oooo! Good call!

I was literally just creating a new Sunrise badge then!

Be right back!


Thanks Callum, thanks Dave :+1:

Now I need to go off in search of people who’ve posted stunning sunrise photos too :smiley:


And I need to go off and capture one!

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@PingSpike, Can I join? Where do I post?

It was a silly question first thing in the morning I guess :blush:

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I just realised I don’t have this badge yet I have most definitely shared a pic or two of sunset flying - most notably the one that springs to mind is of Castell Coch: Castell Coch - Added to Castles and Fortifications in Wales

Does this qualify me? :smiley:

It changed into the “Golden Hour Flyer” badge I do believe

Yeah - I don’t have that either :slight_smile:


Same the weathers for me is great at the moment

Maybe due a Golden Hour badge for these?

Thanks Dave - couldn’t see that in my listing - I blame old age and lock-ins :wink: