Dunham Massey

A few photos from this morning’s trip out.


Great images!

How was the performance of the batteries in those temperatures?

Great pics! Ice Flyer Badge added to your profile. :+1:

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I hovered for about a minute before the flight, no issues with the batteries at all, glad to say!

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Cracking photos, gotta love those autumn colours :bowing_man:

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Amazing Pictures :+1:


I usually find the Mav generates it’s own heat pretty quickly, so good even in low temps. Don’t know if these are Mav shots…?

Mavic 2 Zoom

Yeah I’ve seen footage from a Mav shot in the Arctic so I really don’t think temp is an issue, as long as the bat’s don’t start out too cold

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Great shots also good to here the feedback on the battery temps

BY FAR the most important thing for batteries on a cold day is to keep them in a WARM pocket until the last moment, and take minimum time taking off.
If they are, or get, cold - they really don’t fully recover.

Even when you take them from the warm, the temps (and hence voltages) are significantly impacted initially.

Graphs and stuff : Cold Air Temperature Impact on MP Battery