Camelot! Ok, actually Tintagel Cornwall


There is no need to use Kuula for a flat (non 360 photo) just upload here in the onrmal way

Other ways I have tried don’t work so not sure where I’m going wrong.

I was confused as to why I couldn’t look around haha.

@1977paul Just click the upload button when writing your post, and choose your photo:

Don’t have that upload button to use! I have one that looks like that below the text area, but all that does is allow me to take a new picture!!

iOS or Android?


Android should give you three options, so select “Files”.

Maybe like this image of props bought from Amazon…seems I have to upload image before writing the text itself. Cheers for the advice.

Before or after is possible.

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Good grief. Those props are going to work really well! :open_mouth:

Rightly refunded. Looked like the package had been stamped on!

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