Camera links to phone sometimes and other times not?

Hi All.
I have bought a 2nd hand DGI Phantom 3, sometimes when I switch it on and link it to my phone, (Samsung Galaxy S8+) the camera links up fine and i can see objects via the camera on my phone, other times it will not switch the camera on, although it is linked to my DJI Go fine and everything else is working. has anybody any ideas what could be the problem, Thanks All.

Haven’t you already asked this here:


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No, I asked about why it wouldn’t link up to a certain Phone, I am now asking what could be the probable cause of a camera linking up sometimes and not at others whilst using the same phone,

Try it with the iPad John, if it doesn’t work with that, could be a problem with the Phantom wifi. If there is a problem with the wifi, that could be why the guy got rid in the first place.

Hi John.
It works linking up to my Samsung S8 and my i Pd, it links up and connects to both of them no problem, whats strange is sometimes the camera connects ok, others it doesnt, i was wondering if this is a common problem or a known problem, or if it could be a bad connection on a ribbon cable.

Could be the ribbon mate, they’re notorious for that, slightest knock and they come loose.

Your chargers in the post by the way.

Thanks mate.
I think i will take it apart and check them all, might as well add some contact cleaner whilst I have it apart. and thanks for the Charger, I will let you know when it arrives, also can you tell me what the plastic thing is called that you put under the motor when you want to remove the Rotor blade, and is it possible to remove the blades without one ?

Propeller removal clamp

eBay item number: 293839686550

You can do it without, you just need to hold the motor and turn the propeller to undo it (turn it in the direction the prop spins to undo)

Thanks mate.
I will just hold the motor then,