Phone won't connect to DJI Phantom 3

Hi All.
Question please, I have a spare phone that has nothing on it, so i thought I could use it with my DJI P3 that I have just purchased, the phone does not have a sim card in it, So I thought i would try to see if it will connect to me drone, I managed to download the DJI Go app onto it no problem, but the phone will not cennect to my drone, do i NEED to have a sim card in my phone or should it just connect no problems. I also tried on my phone that I use every day, and this connected no problem, is this because I have a sim card and its connected to a provider. Thanks in advance.

@tankie1rtr no sim card required…

Is the phone iOS or Android? Make/Model would also help.

Can I just check that you downloaded GO3 and not GO4? :thinking:

Thank you for your answer. My Spare phone is Android. it a Maze Comet. I downloaded the DJI Go for units before P4. Its downloaded great on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and connects no trouble, but this is my everyday phone with stuff on it, I wanted to use the Maze because it has nothing on it and I can just use it for my Drones.

I’m guessing the GO app says the remote controller is not connected? :thinking:

When you connect a USB device to an Android phone it asks something about which app you want to associate this with:

Has the phone been factory-reset? Could it be remembering an old/wrong app for this usb connection?

An old thread, but probably still applies - steps to undo that binding:

This might be the cause?

It has been factory reset yesterday, I only received my drone today, so it was all clear to set up, I just wondered with my Samsung with sim card connects no problem but my Maze without sim card will not connect, if it has any relevance to the connection.

What is the GO app telling you exactly? :thinking:

(in terms of error, etc)

On my Samsug, it tells me aircraft is connected, If I swtch my Samsung off then switch my Maze on and try to connect it will not do so, its says not connected.

Does it say the aircraft is not connected? Or the controller is not connected?

Aircraft not connected.

Ok, so the phone can see the controller then.

And the controller can’t see the drone :thinking:

I am going to have another try with my Maze phone, I will delete the DGI Go app and then re install it, see if that works, Thanks Spike.

And thats what is confusing, it works on my Samsung, I just wanted to use my spare phone to keep for the drone.

I have just reloaded the DJI Go app on my Maze phone. it still isnt working, so I tried again with my Samsung phone and it connects no trouble, maybe my Maze phone isnt compatible with the drone, maybe the phone is too old. here is a pic of the not connected image on my Maze phone.

Hi is the phone 32 bit or 64 bit? If 32bit do not think it will connect. David

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Had a quick look, looks like it’s 64bit.
Which doesn’t help!!

It connects to my Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, so i am just going to use that phone, the other i didnt use, so was going to use it with my drone,

DJI used to have a list of the "approved " phones that would work with the P3, it wasn’t very big!

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Hello Mate.
I have just decided to stay with my Samsung S8+ it works with the drone, I will just have to hope nobody phones me whilst I am in the middle of flying lol

You could use a tablet if you have one that’s what I use and leave your phone in your pocket like me.
Just a thought

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Hi Mate.
I have a Mini I pad, but I cannot find a clamp wide enough to hold it to the controller, thats why i was going to use my Phone.