Camera settings

I’ve got a Phantom 4 and having problems getting clear pictures, is the P4 auto focus or do i touch tablet screen to focus, yes I’m a newbie and also waiting for the Spark to be delivered, loving the hobby but definitely want to get better results! Ive deleted so many pics because of poor quality screen_9cbacdddbc8d401f_1575198910000|666x500

You can do both auto and manual, it’s been so long since I’ve used the P4 but I know the P4P has touch focus but not sure on the P4.
Your photo also looks very flat like it’s in D-Log, rather than try to explain look at these two videos from Billy Kyle and Toms Tech Time.

I think Go4 has changed a little since these were made but once you find the settings they will be the same.


Cheers buddy, i am shooting in D-Log so I’ll change that along with quite a few settings :grin::grin::+1:


Bloomin heck I’ve noticed the difference already just on the tablet, just switching from D-Log to DJI Standard colour is a massive difference :grin::grin::+1::+1::+1: