Camera won't focus on a Mavic 2 Zoom

Mavic 2 zoom camera won’t focus properly on one side on both photos and videos any help would be greatly appreciated

The community is going to need some examples of the images in order to help you out :+1:t2:

Sorry I don’t have any pictures it was for a drone being advertised for sale I was just after some advice as to if it was something that can be sorted out easily

Sounds like it may have been crashed. Personally I’d avoid it as you don’t know what other damage has been caused.

But on the other hand it might just need a replacement camera. But I guess that’s the risk you take buying 2nd hand from a non reputable source.


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Looking at the photo’s, it’s took a real bang to the front right hand arm and he’s made a real bodge of trying to fix it with glue and filler.

Walk away quickly!

Yeah that’s what I was thinking the seller does say no crashes but I was a bit worried thanks for your help