Can 32 ch. video hack be do on later Go 3 app (ios)

He y’all,
I used to run the config file to use the 32 channel video hack on DJI GO 3.1.10 app (ios). I made the mistake of updating the os on my iPad from 12.4 to 13.3. ( cannot go back). My GO app ver. 3.1.10 no longer opened in the new ios 13. I did try many calls to Apple as well as internet searches but could not get ipad back to os 12.4.

I had to use my Inspire 1 and had to download the latest GO app Ver. 3.1.60 for ios. DJI disabled use of the config file video hack shortly after 3.1.10.

So, does anyone know how to mod DJI GO 3.1.60 (ios) in order to get use of all 32 video transmit channels?


For iOS - nothing to my knowledge, but I’m not that up on iOS app modding.

For Android, there’s a nosecneo version of GO3 in the wild, v3.1.18

You can modify this quite easily with tools such as deejayeye modder:

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Yeah, kinda what I figured. :man_shrugging: