Can I fly at the old Doncaster airport?

Hi all,

Excuse my confusion … but,.

if the CAA are no longer controlling the airspace does it mean that from this morning 3/12/2022 we can now free fly above and around doncaster airport ?

(Batteries charging incase its a yes ready for sunrise)

Just to add to this.

There is a notam saying that from the 3rd the airport will revert back to class G airspace.

In my novice mind, that means crack on and buzz the runway :grin:

@Howard78 your territory pal, when you trying it out?

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Im local to it aswell… im gonna pop down later and try sus it out.

There is a lovely old vulcan for a top down picture before its dismantled :grin:


I’m not sure DJI are that responsive.

While legally you could fly anything you like there, DJI will probably stop you until they update their “flysafe” database. It’s still showing as active on the DJI layer of Drone Scene this morning.

Got any other brand of drone you could use instead?

DroneHacks is your friend :wink:


I already use dronehacks :-:grinning:


Fly free my friend :wink:

I look forward to the video

The only real worry i have with my over active mind is that if i ditch it then it will be within the airport grounds which are fenced off ( probably with security ) so i wont be able to retrieve it and i doubt the insurance would cough up if it still shows as a FRZ on dji app :thinking:

Not for a while mate.

Active police station still on site.

Security and fire service still stationed there.

The frz still remains until at least may from what I can see.

There also a live flight school based there with a noticeable increase in light aircraft activity


Goid job i never went down, news reorts said it was class G from today and wuoted as seen in caa publications

This Notam is active from today ?.. im not 100% on reading notams but i thought it neant the downgrade was active now ?

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I’ve read the last few posts and ended up talking like the policeman from Allo Allo !

That will be me then…fat fingers, new phone, too much rum and slightly dislexic :joy:

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It should be noted the airspace above Doncaster Airport does not revert to class G airspace until the 18 May 2023. I wouldn’t fly my drone in this airspace until then to be on the safe side legally.

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That’s what I’d read.

I live right next to it so cannot wait to fly locally to home.

However don’t want to until it’s safe.

Currently it has seen a marked increase in light aircraft traffic

I requested info from NATS recently and had an email reply that :
NOTAM C2583/23 is in is currently in circulation stating that CTA,CTR,ATZ & FRZ are all deactivated .Consequently, the controlled airspace reverts back to class G airspace.

I have requested a copy of the NOTAM from NATS in PDF format.
Also obtained an unlock code from DJI for flight in FRZ etc but intend to double check before flight in area .I believe the NOTAM is for the period :
FROM: 11 May 2023 16:00 GMT (17:00 BST)

TO: 08 Aug 2023 23:59 GMT (09 Aug 00:59 BST)

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Flew today

Nice, any good pics / video?

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