Can I super glue a broken arm on a DJI Mini 2?

Crashed my mini 2 broke front arm just above landing foot.
My question is can it be super glued?

Most definitely. I did mine. I keep this in my bag.

How bad is the break. Any photos?

Same as my break. As long as you use decent super glue, I recommend the above, then it will be fine.

I broke my Mini 2 twice. I glued the battery cover hinge back on, but also the front arm - exactly the same spot where you’ve broken yours. I ordered a replacement arm, but have never fitted it, as the glue held - even through 70+ mph speed tests.

The alternative is to (a) send the drone for repair or (b) replace the arm yourself. The bare arm is only a tenner or so off ebay, or with the motor included cost me about £30.

Thanks for the advice I’ll try the glue first.

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Be a bugger if it falls off in mid air :rofl: :rofl:

I was at Drone Doctor the other day, and their MD was working on a drone that had had a simple broken arm. One of their most straightforward meat-and-potatoes jobs. But the guy had attempted to glue it, and that caused all sorts of complications.

He explained to me that when people glue things it invariably turns a simple repair job, into a much more complex and bigger (more expensive) job.

If and when your glue gives up, I suppose it would cause a lot more damage.

It might be worth speaking to them before you apply the glue. Perhaps they will convince you not to bother.

Also, there is 10% off at Drone Doctor for FPV UK members.

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? In my mini2 manual it identifies the fromt arm legs as antennas - may be worth checking?

I have ordered a new arm,
But I will glue this one and report back as to the outcome

Well I glued the arm been out flying quite a few times and it was fine flying great have new arm just in case but so far so good for the glue.
Thanks for all your comments they were very helpful