Cannock Chase - Looking for Autumn Colours


CASTLE RING Cannock Chase.
I thought I would put this one up too.
When I went out with the Drone to look for the Autumn Colours last weekend, I inadvertently left the camera setting on JPG, so all the images weren’t the best for processing. Anyway, this image I managed to scavenge from a frame from one of the 4K videos that I took.
Trying to get half decent images from the JPG’s that I took is hard work. :sweat:


Nice I was there last weekend putting my mini 2 replacement through its paces properly. We ended up leaving earlier than planned as the OH got too emotional about being somewhere that would often take the recently passed away dog, so ended up in great Haywood.

Hi Ade,

I understand about your wife being upset recalling memories of the dog, it took me years to “get over it” when my dog passed away. At that time I had a house at Hazelslade, so when I went out doing my regular cross country running over the Chase, the dog was always by my side, night/day/rain or snow.

Anyway, putting that aside, it’s good to see that you are now active again with the replacement drone.

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Absolutely amazing shots.

Thanks Olly :+1: