Care ReFresh question

I am trying to use my CareRefrsh insurance and pay for a replacement drone----DJI says it has to be sent to Holland? Is there not a DJI UK?


Nope, Holland is the place, unless you want to send it to China?
Turnaround is about a week.

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They send you the shipping labels.

Tassy, This situation is a little different! I purchased the Drone at an Apple Store in California. I travel a fair amount and at a later date decided that I was going to purchase the insurance------My IP address on my computer saw I was out of the US and the insurance was apparently paid from the UK
Anyway DJI said they would not cover for a replacement as the insurance was not bought in the same location-------So I have been going backwards and forwards with them for a month. The drone is in LA at their N America works and they have now agreed that they will send it to Holland and I will have to pay all the fees, customs duty etc and that it would cost me about $700. So now they have agreed to send it to my California address, and then I have to send it to Holland and pay all the expenses from there. In othger words they are going to make me pay one way or the other. I am in the UK now ! Is Holland the European hub-----If there is one in the UK where I purchased the insurance, then of course it makes more sense to have it sent to the UK------Just not sure that is the case

If it were me, and, they are going to charge you that, then I would be inclined to have it repaired by a DJI Recommended repairer in this country, and suck the cost of its repair.
Sounds like our Chinese friends are giving you the right run about !.
All UK DJI Drone repairs are sent to Holland ,to my knowledge.