Cases for the Mavic Air

Guys my new Mavic Air is in the post and it’s occurred to me I need a suitable case for it.
Anything I should be avoiding?

Hi there @Herefordbull and welcome to Grey Arrows!!

If it was a Mavic Pro, I could advise you on a whole bunch of cases, but I don’t have the Air so I’m bot best suited to help with this one.

We’ve quite a few Air owners here, I’m sure someone will be along soon to share what they have.

Are you looking for a hard case? A back pack? Something in-between?

To give you some idea of the sheer amount of variants out there, check out this thread on Mavic Pro cases, it’ll give you some good insight to the types that are out there:

Welcome once again :+1:

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If you bought the combo the bag that comes with it keeps everything nice and snug. You can have four batteries (one in the bird) controller and Air. With room for other bits and bobs in the pouch at the side. Only thing extra would have been a handle as well as the shoulder strap.

Thanks for the info, is it best just to buy one of fleaBay of they just cheap crap ones and best spend serious cash on one from a reputable company?

I can’t advice you which one to buy. I only have the one bag and it does me.

So I have been through the wringer a bit with regard to a good cast for my MA.
My primary goal was to fit everything in ONE small and protective case.

The one that comes with the FMC is great, small and discreet but it does not really provide what I would term safe storage for mu iPad Pro 10.5

So I decided to buy a 3rd party case and after doing some investigation opted to settle on the pgytech offering. I have bought pgytech goods before and was impressed by them. Well not in this instance. The case was expensive, poorly crafted and not what I would call good value. It would not hold my accessories well without overstretching the case itself and stressing the zip.

I then tried a cheaper option from eBay but the vendor sent me the wrong item (which was a MA case,just not the one I had paid for) and since he could not offer me the one I’d bought I managed to get a full refund.

Finally I bought one (again off eBay) with a brand name of R L Soco and it is superb. I would highly recommend it and here are a few pictures

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That looks really well deigned.

This looks just like a Smatree case?

I had one for my Mavic Pro and loved it!

I just outgrew it when I caught accessory-itis :frowning_face:

I also find cases are a very personal thing, they’re almost like marmite? :thinking:

Weird, eh?

They rather depend on how you operate.
That one would be no use for my trekking … = absolute minimum weight at all times.
But it does look well thought out.

@OzoneVibe what do you use?

Individual cases. Lighter, and can be tucked into odd spaces in backpack/rucksack.

Sometimes take car, or mains, charger … depending on schedule. But they don’t need protecting. Any gap will do.

Thanks I like those where did you get them from?

Battery Case (I have a couple of sets of spare props in that too) …

MP and RC case …

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Wow what a week learning to fly and finding more kit to buy. I can go into the weekend feeling happy. Thanks for being so helpful.

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One thing that’s never lacking on GADC is ideas for spending money! :+1:


@PingSpike You are so right about it being a personal thing. I went flying today with my new case and could not have been happier with it.