Mavic storage, what do you use?

Hi everybody, I’m interested to see how you all store your Drones whilst not in use, I recently purchased this case for my mavic so it can be protected bangs etc… or the household cat that likes to gravity test everything on the shelves!

This storage box was £27 on ebay and claims to be waterproof (not tested yet, prob not have a need to test)

The case is very well made and feels good quality. Cut outs are accurate inside the box. Very good value in my opinion.

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Nice case mate. I’m still suffering from a serious dose of accessory-itis which now see’s me on my third case in as many months :open_mouth:

The current one is a rucksack with moulded Mavic Pro cutouts. I’ll have to take a pic.

So what’s in your case? Anything else you carry or fly with? I can see most of the stuff, what’s the slim case on the right hand side?

Some extender legs, and the silver case is a memory card holder :slight_smile:

I’d like to see that. Pics when you get a chance :+1:

I use my Manfroto camera bag, holds camera and a couple of lens, the Mavic, remote, all my bits n bobs, iPad. I use it for storage and as my regular kit bag.

that bag looks nice @StevenPSCC nobody would know you have a drone inside there… or a camera!

the only other thing I fly with is my phone holder for my controller, I’ll see If i have a picture of it… its too bulky to fit in the case though.

I’ve not forgotten! Just not remembered at the right time :stuck_out_tongue:

I will take some pics of my case :slight_smile:

it looks cool mate.
Do You think You could fit inside iPad mini 4?

I guess you could cut yourself an additional slot in the foam… I don’t have an ipad mini so I couldn’t check the depth for you.

is an ipad mini bigger than one of the mavic batteries on its smallest dimension? Width?

have look and see what You think

what do You fly it with?


after looking at the case with an idea of how big the ipad mini is… I recon you could fit it in if you lye it above the mavic…

the other alternative would be to cut the foam at the front ( in front of the mavic) with a slot for the ipad… however I think it would be very tight…

heres a picture of my Thor mount also :slight_smile:

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This used to me my setup

now it`s

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Ive swapped devices as I wanted to simplify the whole setup a bit I didn't fly it with mini yet. possibly Ill try it today

is it iPhone 7 You§re flying it with?

what is the battery a like when flying. Could You do 3 batteries?

We use these hard cases by KUUQA from Amazon. They’re well shaped for the Mavic and controller, which fits snuggly, and easy to put in whichever is the most convenient rucksack, and being hard nothing gets squashed.

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I use the same case as Reuuc, and it’s great. Everything you need for a good airborne session, and it’s pretty damn sturdy too. Oh, and lockable.