Cassington Lakes

Some video I shot at the weekend just to make sure I don’t forget how to fly my FIMI X8 SE completely. I think the picture quality of this raw video isn’t that bad for a fairly cheap drone.


Some nice shots there ,and a good choice for a “cheap” drone! Have heard many good things about the Femi x8…Enjoy. Video and stability is great,as is the flight time,about 25 mins? :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Thank you. I get about 25 mins flight. Just ordered 2 more. Still getting used to flying the drone though it is rock steady. Also need to make a final decision on which video editor to use so I can take my projects to the next level.


For me it’s davinci resolve all day (and I’ve edited on everything from Premiere 3 (1995 ish) to Avid)
the free version of davinci is just as great - and it’s free - completely - nothing to pay

Gorgeous scenery Les. Thanks for sharing :+1:t2:

Thanks I appreciate your views - once I get more batteries I will be a little less ‘power anxious’ and can start to plan shoots a little more!

I have had a look at Davinci and Filmora. Davinci looks a bit daunting for a thicky like me but maybe I should give it another go!

And me!! :sweat_smile:

It’s worth persevering with though.

In essence you just launch the “untitled project” then save it with whatever you want to call it.
then look at project settings and make sure they are what you want 1080p, 25fps mp4 etc and save again.
Down at the bottom go to Edit tab
then in the panel that has “master” on it (it’s the media panel but not the “media” tab on the bottom) - right click here and choose import media - it will open a sort of file explorer window
navigate to where you media is and select the files you want and click “open” the files will now add to the project and show as media.
now double click a piece of media and it will show in your source window
mark an in point and an out point (“I” and “O”)
then your can drag the image down onto your timeline
you can do the same with sound too


When you want to output your finished video go to the “Deliver” tab at the bottom
work down the menu to say what what video settings you want (or there are presents for Vimeo and YouTube)
On the bottom of that menu there’s a button that says “add to render” - that flips your file to a panel on the right hand side of the screen (which is your render queue) and then in that panel click “Render” and your video will be with you momentarily…

There are lots of online tutorials and helpful videos on you tube.

Hope this gets you started

Thanks for the pointers Gavin. I am grateful for the time you gave me to write this. It encourages me to have another look at Davinci :smile: