Castell Dolbadarn, Llanberis, North Wales, Cymru

A few hours in beautiful Llanberis. A place my grandad would take us among many :grin:


@group-fpv Bando fun :thinking: :thinking:

Nice Darren :+1: I was there 3 weekends ago, same spot. Although the winds were gusting over 50 mph. My Mini 3 Pro almost ended in the lake at 2:38 in your vid :scream: Good to see things have calmed down now.

We’d get kicked off. innit

I had gusts of 10mph which did knock the mini 2 about a little. You can see in the video.
Wasn’t the lake that stopped me it was two euro fighters belting it up and down the valley that stopped me flying :joy:

Well… he has used the same music I used in one of my favourite FPV videos… (It’s a great track for Drone vids)

Plus this is actually just up the road from Llanberis…


I’ll have a look next break mate :+1:

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by who ??

Dunno. Just looks like something someone looks after

:astonished: amazing. You make mine look amateurish lol :see_no_evil: I’m looking at fpv but haven’t a clue what I should be looking for. The mini is awesome but limits what I want to do in my videos. Are you North Wales based?

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Yeah, the swooping around in FPV is something else. But the Camera Drones also have their place. There’s things you can and can’t do with each. Some of the really good pilots use both to great effect!

It’s a big learning curve in FPV. I was already an electronics tinkerer, so that helped me a lot.

I’m based in Derbyshire. Myself and my son had a short FPV holiday in Snowdownia this summer. We’ll have to go again next summer now I have more drones and know how to use the cameras better… I may even have more cameras by then, lol.

Your just down the road then. Be awesome to do the asylum done there :thinking:
Well I am in this now, one drone down and second one flying now lol
What fpv did you start with? I’ve been looking at the firefly and cinewhop (if that’s how you spell it?!)

Heh… I’m not a good one to ask about starting drones. I was far from conventional.

I started by 3d printing my own drone frame and building from scratch. I’ve moved on to using off the shelf carbon frames, but still prefer to build from scratch rather than buy and fly.

The question really is whether you have much electronics experience…

I use to recondition washing machines :joy::joy::joy:
Not a lot experience but I’m willing to learn :+1:

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Cool. That will help.

I’d say the first thing to do would be to get a controller and try some simulators…

Me too. You’ll be fine building one :+1:

I was thinking that :thinking:

Which controller were you thinking of?

Depends what protocol you’re going for; what form factor you like the look of; what budget you have.

I use a Jumper-T Lite (V1) with multiprotocol internal module and a Happy Model ELRS module on the back of it.

I love ELRS and I also love the form factor. The power has got me out to proper long range without issue. The battery has lasted me all day on almost all occasions. I think just once have I had to put a fresh one in. It has a couple of downsides: not so many switches; no backwards battery protection (if you put the battery in the wrong way around you will fry the radio!) I bought my son the same radio.

But there are many other options… What do you think are your priorities?

There isn’t anyone on site looking after the place. Plus, it is very secluded.

You turn off the road down a narrow track for 50 yards into a muddy car park (5 cars max), then walk 150 yards up a path and you’re there. There were about a dozen tourists there when I went on Saturday, 3 weeks ago.