Castle Combe - England's "Prettiest" Village

Hi folks,

An extra long weekend … so extra long video this time :wink: I initially went to shoot the Manor House at Castle Combe, but then saw the village and though “wow!”. The more I researched, the more I found how much stuff the village has to offer.

My most complex video yet, but I had a lot of fun making it.

If you do enjoy the video, feel free to like it, and if you haven’t already subbed to the channel and want to see more, a sub would be amazing :+1:

Cheers folks - hope you have a great long weekend :clap:

Today, I head out to England’s “prettiest village” in the south of the Cotswolds, Castle Combe :heart_eyes:. Not only is it pretty, but there is so much to see and do :man_walking:. In this video I cover all of the sights that this quintisentially English village has to offer :clap: … including the village itself, the Roman villa, the Roman bridge, the church, the Manor House, the castle and the race circuit :grin:


Superb again Chris, enjoyed this one with a beer. Well done Sir and thank you :+1: :+1:

Nice one Chris!
Do you use a “Z” axis on your Pocket 2 to even out the bounce and save you doing the “Ninja” walk?

Cheers Andy! Great way to watch the vid with a beer :beer: Glad you enjoyed it mate :+1:

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Hi John, cheers!
I don’t use a z-axis thingymabob. Just the Pocket 2 as-is. Maybe I should look at that? :man_shrugging:

If you’re going to the Big Meet, I’ll take mine, you can have a try.

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Excellent as always - follow you on YouTube ( found you on here ) so therapeutic :ok_hand:t2:

Thank you, Richard! And thanks for subbing me on YouTube too :clap: Glad you enjoy these, that’s all the motivation I need to keep making them mate :wink::+1:

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Great video! There’s a lot of work in researching beforehand you should be applauded for! Well done.

Your productions just get better every time Chris.
Easy to see why Castle Coombe has earned the prettiest village title.

I use the O.S. maps on my phone to guide along footpaths.
Couldn’t make out what system you were using.

The bike build was worth the effort.

Thank you.

Cheers Mark. I do enjoy researching places. Although some places, like this one, can open up a can of worms - as suddenly, there’s not just one place to research, but half a dozen :dizzy_face: Castle Combe is certainly pretty - but it has a shed load of super cool history that doesn’t see the light of day :wink:

Thanks, Clive. Appreciated! :grin: I am having fun trying to learn new stuff each video. But have a long way to go yet. I always spot mistakes after hitting the ‘publish’ button :man_facepalming:

Not sure what folk think about the ‘reconstruction’ 3D modelling scenes. But I really do enjoy that bit. Not saying it’s Pixar :rofl: … but personally, I want to see “how it may have looked then”. Maybe it’s just me :man_shrugging:

I use Google, as all my pins are saved in there. 95% of the time, I have the satellite layer enabled, as it is easier to see things in the vacinity. But I have recently signed up with OS maps for the reason you stated. Definitely better at walking/bike routes. And their 3D terrain is miles ahead.

The ebike is great. Should have done it years ago. Did about 10 miles last night, and helped loads with the next vid already. And no knee pain!

Cheers mate :+1:

All good news.
Not sure if you can plot your route as you go with O.S.
As you scambled through the undergrowth I thought a plot of course when back home would be good.
You are more techy than me.
I think the rebuilds are brilliant and it really gives an idea of what it could have looked like.

I don’t think you can. As far as I’m aware, it’s a prep tool for manually creating routes.

That’s a good idea! I’ll look into that :+1:

Thanks for the feedback, Clive. Glad they add value :wink:

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Another great programme (for that is what it is!) Your enthusiasm shines through - thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks, as always, Les. Great to hear you enjoyed this feature length programme! :wink::+1:

Hey John. Just tried it. Smoother than a freshly buttered banister!!! Fair do’s, I wasn’t expected it to be to be that good. Cheers again mate :clap::+1:

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As long as it does the trick mate, enjoy!